15 Wildlife Sanctuary Tours In India Promising Adventure Like None Other

If you love wildlife, you must have visited several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. These locations offer the best of wildlife and nature, bringing you closer to the wild animals than ever before. So, if you are planning a trip into nature, be sure to check out these wildlife conservation safaris in India. By Anushka Goel

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India for the ultimate adventure

Corbett National Park

The dense forests of Uttarakhand are known for rare tiger sightings. What makes it so special is the rich flora and fauna including some exotic trees and shrubs, waterfalls, dams and endangered animals.

Best travel time: October to July

Bandhavgarh National Park

Located in Madhya Pradesh, this wildlife sanctuary in India boasts a magnificent population of tigers. The rare white tigers can also be seen here, making for a great sighting. With plenty of forest, grassland, wildlife and much more, Bandhavgarh is a reserve that will bring you in touch with nature and these beasts in ways you never thought possible!

Best travel time: October to March

Ranthambore National Park

One of the most famous tiger reserves in North/West India is Ranthambore. The wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan attracts thousands of tourists who come with promises of seeing the magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers and they are rarely disappointed! With multiple zones and plenty of creatures, a trip here promises to be fun and adventurous.

Best travel time: October to June

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

The only lion sanctuary in India, Sasan Gir is home to Gir National Park. The place in Gujarat offers some stunning lion sightings. Gir is the only place in India where lions roam freely in the wild and the destination attracts thousands of wildlife enthusiasts each year.

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Best travel time: November to April

Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha National Park is another tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. The place, located in the central highlands of India, has an abundance of flora and fauna including some local exotic trees and plants. In addition to tigers, swamp deer and barasinghas are also popular here, making for breathtaking sightings. The site is home to jackals, wild dogs and sloth bears, as well as several birds including black ibis, gray hornbills, bee eaters and cattle egrets among others.

Best travel time: October to June

Kaziranga National Park

Home to the one-horned rhino, this wildlife sanctuary in India is a must for adventure lovers. In Kaziranga National Park you can see elephants, rhinos, Asiatic water buffalo, swamp deer and much more. Additionally, the location and surrounding weather make it a great spot for bird watching. Go on a jeep safari or climb aboard an elephant or cruise the Brahmaputra River to see more stunning creatures.

Best travel time: November to April

Sunderban’s Wildlife Sanctuary

Sundarbans is the world’s largest contiguous mangrove forest and is also home to a wildlife sanctuary – home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, a species most commonly found in India. Also part of the largest delta in the world, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to several rare species of aquatic mammals, birds and reptiles. You can opt for boat safaris to explore the variety of foliage and wildlife found here and climb one of the many watchtowers.

Best travel time: October to March

Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary

Among the many popular wildlife sanctuaries in Maharashtra, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is also one of the largest. Home to Bengal tigers, leopards, jungle cats and more, the site is home to both herbivores and carnivores and is a beautiful place to visit. That’s not all – the exotic flora and fauna here also includes the rare axle wood, which is fireproof.

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Best travel time: October to March

The Great Himalayas National Park

The Great Himalayan National Park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in northern India and is a nature reserve in Himachal Pradesh. The site has significant biodiversity protection and is home to creatures such as the rare snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, serow and musk deer. The site also has three endangered birds along with a few other animals namely western tragopan, koklass and cheering pheasants. Indulge in camping, trekking and other experiences while enjoying the breathtaking views.

Best travel time: March to June and September to November

Manas National Park

Located in the state of Assam, Manas is the only place that hosts both Project Tiger Reserve and Project Elephant Reserve. The game reserve is also the only one where the miniature pig is at home. Travelers can visit the park for bird watching and learn about tea plantations.

Best travel time: November to April

Panna National Park

The nature reserve in India is located in the north of Madhya Pradesh and stretches over 550 kilometers. The place is home to tigers, sloth bear pangolins, Indian wolves, four-horned antelope, leopards, rust-spotted cats, Indian foxes and many more species. It also has historical Neolithic paintings that you can see during a safari. The place is also home to 200 species of birds making for a wonderful time.

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Best travel time: November to March

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in the lush Western Ghats in the state of Karnataka lies Bandipur National Park. The place is said to have the second largest tiger population and is also home to Asian elephants. Join them for spotting magnificent creatures such as leopards, sambar, dholes, jackals, sloth bears, muggers and four-horned antelope.

Best travel time: March to May

Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagarhole is a wildlife sanctuary in India that is among the most visited due to its tiger population. The place is home to exotic plants, animals and more, and the destination is also a great place to spot some beautiful birds.

Best travel time: April and May

Keoladeo Ghana Wildlife Sanctuary

Keoladeo is also called Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary as it is one of the largest places in the world for migratory birds. The place has about 230 species of birds, along with 37 species of animals. Walk the trails, get your cameras out and snap photos of avian creatures like green sandpipers, Siberian cranes, spotted-beaked ducks and more!

Best travel time: August to November for resident birds and October to February for migratory birds

Rajaji National Park

Another great destination for tigers and elephants (there are around 600 elephants!) is Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand. You can also spot leopards, over 400 bird species and more.

Best travel time: winter

Hero and featured image: Courtesy of Sam Power/Unsplash

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