6 Best Apps for Internet Calling, Worldwide

The days when landlines were used to make calls in our country or worldwide are long gone. The duo of super-fast internet and affordable smartphones have replaced messy wires, giving us the freedom to make calls anytime, anywhere.

6 Best Apps for Internet Calls, Worldwide

In addition, you can say goodbye to heavy bills and unstable connections.

Nowadays, you can keep in touch with your loved ones worldwide with the help of numerous internet calling applications. When you’re looking for the best app for internet calls online, you might feel a little lost.

Each boasts of its advantages such as quality connection, free call, ease of use and many others. There is no need to fall into the trap of sugar-coated marketing campaigns. We have listed some of the best apps for internet calling.

Let’s get started!

1. Talk Home app

Of all the apps on the web, Talk Home is the best app for Internet calling for several reasons. In addition to freeing you from traditional phone operators and high bills, you can also make turbulence-free – high-quality calls – to any network in the world.

The best thing about the Talk Home app is that it lets you call anyone even if they don’t have the app installed on their phone. In addition, they do not require an Internet connection to receive a call. Is not it great?

The Talk Home application uses local lines and advanced VoIP technology to route the call to the recipient’s local number. The mechanism works by finding the best route for your call so you can always enjoy a reliable and stable connection.

Apart from being one of the best internet calling apps, this app allows you to send text messages and international additions to your loved ones. Millions of users use this versatile app to make cheap international calls. Download it from Google Play or App Store now.

2. WhatsApp

Owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), WhatsApp is the most popular calling and texting app used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The best thing about this app is that you can call anyone who has WhatsApp on their phone absolutely free.

All you need is an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) and the phone number of the receiver. You can easily see which of your contacts are on WhatsApp while using the app and call them for free. In addition to individual calls, WhatsApp also supports group calls for up to 32 people.

That’s not all. You can send videos, audios, photos, docs, PDFs, locations, contacts, etc. to other users of this app. Additionally, all in-app communications are end-to-end encrypted, meaning no third party can access your communications or information.

Although you make free calls to anyone with internet support, you cannot call any mobile number directly, a landline or someone without internet.

Globally regarded as the best app for internet calling, I bet you already have WhatsApp on your smartphone. If not, you can download it for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows or Mac in no time.

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3. Google Meet

To compete in the best internet calling app segment, Google has an app-to-app calling service called Google Meet. This application works well on computers and mobile phones. This is why millions of people in the corporate sector love it for their video conferencing functionality.

You can easily schedule meetings and send an invitation to other parties via a meeting code or link. In addition to video and voice calls, the group call function allows you to call up to 100 people at the same time. All communication in Google Meet is encrypted.

Previously, Google had a Duo app that served the same purpose for video and group calls. Its updated and more advanced version is Google Meet. It works well on web browser and you can also download it from Google Play and App Store for mobile devices.

4. Facebook Messenger

I will tell you that many years ago I made the first video call on the Internet through Facebook Messenger. At the time, I just loved the experience. So how could I not include it in the list of best internet calling apps?

Primarily a text messaging app that lets people connect with FB friends and acquaintances, Messenger also lets you make high-quality voice, video, and group calls to up to 50 people.

Whether it’s app-to-app, PC-to-PC, app-to-PC, or vice versa, it works great every time—depending on your and the receiver’s Internet connection. Free internet calls on FB Messenger require you to be a “friend” of the recipient to make or receive calls. You cannot call any mobile number or landline from this app.

You can use it on your computer as well as Android and iOS devices.

5. Skype

Skype is one of the pioneers of Internet calls. It allows you to make free Internet calls to individuals and groups. You can connect with anyone from PC to PC, App to App, App to PC and PC to App.

You and the person you want to call must have Skype on your system or phone, and they must also be added to your contacts. You can add the user to your contact information using their username or search for the required person in the public directory using their email address or phone number.

In addition to video and voice calls, you can also send text messages to your contacts via Skype. One amazing feature that sets Skype apart from many of its competitors is that it allows you to call and text mobiles and landlines using Skype credit and their monthly subscriptions.

You can also get a Skype number and make cheap calls in certain countries.

6. Snapchat

Many know it as an app used to send text messages and pictures; However, you can also enjoy video and voice calls with your Snapchat contacts for free.

To call anyone in your contacts, tap the conversation once or open a new chat window to enter chat mode. Call them for free by tapping or clicking the phone icon. You should have Wi-Fi or Mobile data for that.

You can only call Snapchat contacts, and calls to landlines or mobile numbers are possible. Also, Snapchat has many other exciting features like filters, Bitmoji selfie, story review count and many more to explore and enjoy.

If you’re trying to use Snapchat and call your contact through a computer, you can easily do so using any web browser. Download the app for smartphones for free from the App Store or Google Play.

The best app for internet calls

Many applications are competing for the top of the Internet world. All of these have special features that appeal to different​​​​​​​​​​ audiences. For example, Skype and Google Meet have been held in the corporate sector in group meetings, etc.

On the other hand, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat are popular among the youth because of the exciting features that enable fun interactions.

Here’s an in-depth guide to the top 21 Wi-Fi calling apps for free international calls, where we’ve discussed the pros and cons of the best internet calling apps.


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