Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party announces plans for water, electricity

Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party unveils plans for water, power and technology
Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party unveils plans for water, power and technology

Antigua and Barbuda: The Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party has announced its plan and agenda for water, electricity and internet technology for the upcoming general election on January 18. The party has announced various schemes and policies to solve water and electricity related problems and outlined ways to strengthen the internet and technology in the country if it comes to power.

ABLP noted, “ABLP strongly agrees that to lead our country to the next stage of progress and prosperity, water, electricity and internet technology must be prioritized.”


The Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party pledged:

  • Continue and accelerate the water supply expansion and improvement program by installing a reverse osmosis (RO) plant and replacing the existing delivery system with pipes made of larger and more durable materials. ABLP is determined that the water crisis, which has plagued the drought-ridden country for decades, will not continue.
  • In order to expand the power plant to exceed demand in order to have cost-effective capacity to handle breakdowns, maintenance and repairs in particular, ABLP will encourage private sector investment, including homeowners and businesses. , of such renewable energy sources. like solar energy. We will proceed with agreements with private sector partners, as well as homeowners and operators, to generate and sell excess electricity production to the national grid. Incentives will also be given to homes and businesses that install solar energy and other green energy systems.
  • Provide incentives to hotels, resorts and other major users of water and electricity to build and install RO water plants and solar power plants to reduce demand they are under the authority of the Antigua and Barbuda Public Service (APUA) and provide uninterrupted water and electricity to homes and small and medium-sized businesses.
  • We will continue to build wider communication networks to promote social progress, equality and sustainability. To help achieve these goals, ABLP is building high-speed fiber connections for homes, businesses, farms and schools. This program is fast-paced, including APUA’s purchase of its own undersea fiber optic cable that allows large amounts of data to be transmitted very quickly. Costs will be significantly reduced by cutting out the external “middlemen” who pay APUA large sums of money to use their cable space.
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