Apple watch alerts woman of a ‘loud environment’ around her. Actually it was…

They definitely cost a bomb, but there’s no doubt that Apple products have some really cool features when it comes to taking care of your own health. If you own an Apple Watch, you definitely know how it tracks your vitals and monitors your health progress. But who would have thought that an Apple Watch would predict a “noisy environment” in a house? Wait till you read the whole story.

So Kelsey Farish got a notification on her Apple Watch warning her about a “noisy environment” around her. The news went as far as saying that staying in the area for more than 30 minutes can cause permanent hearing damage.

Little did the clock know that the source of the loud noise was Kelsey’s young son, Hugo! In the tweet, Kelsey shared a picture of the notification she received on her Apple Watch as little Hugo cried in the background. “Thanks for the push notification Siri – that’s exactly what I needed at that moment,” she wrote in the caption.

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Just look:

The tweet was liked over 188,000 times. Internet users, especially parents, referred to the post. Many wrote about how hilarious the post was.

“Things that are 90db: lawn mowers, blenders, power tools, Hugo when he wakes up from a nap and SUDDENLY REALIZES HE’S SO HUNGRY YYYYAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Kelsey added in the comments.

Here’s what others have said:

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