Apple’s 2023 Roadmap: When to Expect New Product Launches This Year

Apple is said to be planning to release at least 10 Apple devices this year, with new product releases apparently planned for each quarter of the year.

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After months of rumors about upcoming Apple devices, we’ve gathered information from a variety of sources to provide a roadmap for the company’s launch plans this year. The timelines below are based on information from reliable sources such as Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Bloombergof Mark Gurman, and performance analyst Ross Young – both of whom have an excellent track record of providing accurate information on Apple’s plans.

The first half of 2023

Of course, there is specific information about Apple’s plans in the first half of 2023 because these devices are further along in their development cycle. The 2022 quarter will be the first time in 22 years that Apple hasn’t released a new Mac, and with many of the Macs in Apple’s lineup in desperate need of an update, the first half of 2023 looks like a Mac heavy season. for new products.

First quarter

According to a report out of Asia, Apple plans to release specially updated 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models in March, but other sources have been reluctant to press a specific time frame for the machines. news. Since these devices are expected to be launched until the fourth quarter of 2022, the new MacBook Pros seem to be the most reliable devices for the beginning of this year.

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It is worth noting that with the launch of the ‌M2‌ Max MacBook Pro and the ‌M2‌ UltraMac Pro‌ this year, the current Mac Studio includes outdated chip hardware and, logically, should see a refresh. also – although we did not hear concrete. rumors of such a reform until now.

There is also a chance that the new HomePod mini could be accompanied by the revival of the full-sized HomePod, most likely with a new chip.

Second quarter

Entering mass production in the first quarter of 2023, the all-new 15.5-inch MacBook Air model is the only device we know of on the cards for the second quarter, falling between May and August. This time may suggest a launch that falls around WWDC, which Apple usually holds at the beginning of June.

The second half of 2023

Not much is known about the exact time Apple will release for the second half of 2023, but it could become a big period for the company with the launch of a completely new category of devices. The two unspecified installations in the second half of the year are as follows:

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It is important to note that Apple’s headset is still expected to enter mass production in the first half of 2023, so the actual launch of the device is only rumored for the second half of years. This means that Apple’s headset can still be announced earlier than in the first half of the year, but a more specific time is still difficult to establish.

Similarly, not much is known about the upcoming AirPods Max, but they are expected to launch in 2024 with USB-C, and possibly in the second half of 2023 if things continue the trend established by the launch of other AirPods.

Third quarter

  • iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra
  • Apple Watch Series 9

Apple’s third-quarter releases are almost certainly the most reliable releases on the company’s calendar, and 2023 may mirror the previous year with the launch of new iPhone and Apple Watch models in month of September.

With the Apple Watch Series 9 likely to receive the first Apple Watch chip update since the Series 5, the Apple Watch Ultra may also receive a 2023 refresh with a new chip.

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Fourth quarter

With the exception of 2022, Apple has released a new Mac in the fourth quarter of every year since 2001 – so Mac releases are generally expected around this time. Although one of the less confirmed rumors this year, the quarter of 2023 could be dominated by the ‌iMac‌, with two new models – one succeeding the 24-inch iMac‌ with a chip M1 from 2021 and one that revives the position of high- end of the whole held by the ‌iMac‌ Pro between the years 2017 and 2021.

It’s also worth noting that there are no rumors of an iPad refresh for 2023 except for the iPad mini – so it could be a while before there are many new tablets from Apple. Even the iPad mini could be pushed to early 2024, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

At this early stage, the launch time of Apple’s new product for the year is still subject to change. Timeframes will tighten throughout the year as announcement dates close in and we’ll likely have a good idea of ​​when to expect new hardware as rumors surface.


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