Audi driver hits back over beach car park that divided the internet

The Audi driver has hit out at online haters who scolded him for taking two parking spaces at a busy beach parking lot in the summer.

A red Audi was photographed earlier this week taking up two spaces in a Dee Why beach car park.

“One of the busiest beach days of the year and this ******* parked like this,” the photo was captioned on social media.

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The message garnered thousands of comments, many of which criticized the driver’s actions.

The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, told he believed his parking was justified.

The man said he believed the driver to his left was parked across the line and wouldn’t have much room to get out.

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He also said the parking lot was only 60 percent full at the time, and he didn’t want to walk too far because of his bad knees.

“But to be honest, I’d rather pay a few hundred dollars in parking fines to the council than have a knock on my door costing me $1000,” he said.

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“The council should really just make car bays wider instead of making them a minimum size.”

The man added that he couldn’t believe how horrible some of the comments on the Reddit post were.

“For those haters out there, get a life,” he said.

The Audi driver was praised online for this photo, where the car was taking up two parking spaces in a busy beach parking lot in the summer. Credit: Reddit

Frustrated Reddit users criticized the driver’s actions in the comments of the post.

“I don’t understand the logic here,” one person commented. “They’re probably trying to avoid others opening their car doors, but aren’t they just asking passers-by to do a lot worse?”

“Just look at the picture. He doesn’t even take up half the space on the left or right side of the row. He sits really well,” another added.

“I drive a big 4WD and manage to park OK, no excuses,” said a third.

Others suggested disgruntled beachgoers could harm the Audi.

“With so many d****s out there damaging properly parked cars, I’m very surprised cars like this don’t break windows,” one person said.

Others suggested that perhaps the owner was concerned about fitting in due to the length of the vehicle’s doors.

“I guess it won’t fit in one space,” one person said. “R8s are silly wide cars, and their doors are really long – even if it was technically fitted between the rows, I doubt you’d be able to get in or out with cars on either side. Not that I think that’s an excuse for that.”

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Moment Fisherman reels in a kayak.


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