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A selection from the 138 bull draft being offered by studs Mungalla and Lamont Droughtmaster at the 21st Monty Atkinson Genetics Sale (MAGS) on November 11th at Dalrymple Saleyards, Charters Towers. picture supplied.

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Based on the great results achieved by Studs Mungalla and Lamont at the National Droughtmaster Bull Sale, there is expected to be high demand for the bulls due for the 21st Monty Atkinson Genetics Sale (MAGS) starting Friday November 11th, 10th o’clock in the Dalrymple Saleyards, Charters Towers .

At the National, Kylie Graham and Mat Durkin’s three bulls, Mungalla, Farnham, Taroom averaged $39,333 (the second highest average of the auction), while Mac and Gayle Shann’s four bulls, Lamont, Cantaur Park, Clermont averaged $32,750 $.

The high priced bull for the Shanns was Lot 247, Lamont Universal, sold to Ryan and Chloe Hodgkinson of Clermont, Cairo Cattle Co. for $55,000. They also purchased 19-month-old homozygous polled (PP) sire Bundy Lazarus for US$30,000, which Mr. Shann described as “a large, powerful calf with excellent structure and enormous girth and size for such a young bull.”

National Sale, Lot 399, Mungalla Kingswood, was purchased by the Atkinson family, Cashmere Cattle Co, Murgon for $60,000.

Ms Graham said the national result was “fantastic” for the breed and Mr Shann added that it was evident that buyers had more money in their pockets, with most enjoying excellent seasons.

“People were more selective when buying. It was more difficult at the bottom of the supply, but the demand for mid-tier bulls was significantly higher,” he said.

“We still have two really good bulls from him in our draft for MAGS.”

These two lots are just a part of a great 138 bull train that the two studs will be offering at this year’s MAGS.

MAGS salesman Anthony Ball, Elders, said the stud farms put together their best bull lines for the family in this special year.

“Not only has it been 21 years since MAGS was founded, it has also been 60 years since Monty Atkinson founded the breed,” said Mr. Ball.

“The success that Mungalla and Lamont achieved at the National with two small deductions is a testament to the reputation these studs have built over the years for the sheer quality of the cattle they offer, which is at the heart of MAGS will.”

Ever since Ms. Graham began managing Mungalla, around the same time MAGS was formed, her focus has been on creating a strong female line.

“During this time key females were used for ET and IVF programs to increase the potency of our Mungalla genetics. High quality sires were strategically purchased to complement this female line and expand the genetic pool.”

She said the 2022 Mungalla team for MAGS includes a high percentage of these high-end stallion sires, including the first Billabong Hendrix offspring to be offered for sale.

Kingswood’s sire SC Leeroy will be represented at MAGS with another 10 excellent bulls. Lot 397, Mungalla Keystone (who sold for $32,000), was sired by Lamont Pablo, who has six high-profile sons in the MAGS draft, while Lot 400’s sire, Mungalla Keeper (purchased for $26,000), Mungalla 2781, has two has sons in the draft.

“Another outstanding bull, True Blue Diesel, is the father of two MAGS bulls, while the other 36 were sired by Mungalla bulls. We will offer 63 bulls, more than 90 percent of which are PP.”

Mr Shann said they have focused on selecting commercially relevant bulls for their MAGS team, which will consist of almost 75 members, many of whom are PP.

“Feasibility and fertility are prerequisites for Northern cattle producers, along with structure, decent underlines and longevity.

Ms Shann said they have spent a lot of money on bulls so the cattle they offer have the latest genetics.

Mac and Gayle Shann, Lamont Stud, Cantaur Park, Clermont, with Kylie Graham and Mat Durkin, Mungalla Stud, Farnham, Taroom are offering 138 Droughtmaster bulls at the 21st Annual MAGS Sale on Friday 11th November.

“This will be more evident than ever at the 2023 MAGS Auction where we will be offering over $100,000 in IVF sons from the three sires we have recently purchased including Oasis Dundee, Glenlands J Black Jack and Needmor Hyatt. This is us We look forward to showing them. We will also have nine Dundee sons in this year’s MAGS draft.

“MAGS philosophy is true to the origins of the breed established by Monty Atkinson from whom the sale takes its name. This includes a focus on high-productivity, low-maintenance cattle suited to a range of markets and geographies.

“Year after year we have delivered high quality bulls to the doorsteps of northern buyers. MAGS has responded to buyers’ requests including morphology, DNA testing and a consistent lineage of calm Droughtmaster and Droughtmaster crossbred bulls.

“Because MAGS is a family-run business, we share common goals and work together seamlessly to serve our customers, providing attention to detail and after-sales service. This is evident from the many regular buyers that we are fortunate to have.”

“The next generation of MAGS breeders are also looking forward to this year’s auction, which will feature a bull each from newly established studs Monty and Alrose, owned by my children Tom and Ally Graham.”

Online bidding will be available through the Elite Livestock Auctions platform.

The sales catalog will be available on the MAGS, Elders and Elite websites by mid-October with photos and videos of lots.

Inspections are welcome by arrangement with the vendors from now until November 5th at which time the bulls will be transported to Charters Towers.

A pre-sale meet and greet will be held at 6:30pm on 10th November at the Enterprise Hotel, Charters Towers.

Please contact Anthony Ball on 0428 275 499, Kylie Graham on 0409 040 030 or Mac Shann on 0407 835 246.

Visit the Monty Atkinson Genetics Sale website or Facebook sale page for more information.

This is branded content for the Monty Atkinson Genetics Sale

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