Can you find the Hidden Animal inside the herd of Zebras in 15 Secs?

Optical illusion for IQ test: Did you know that there are many types of optical illusions in our environment? These illusions are mostly classified into physiological, physical and cognitive illusions. By definition, an optical illusion is a deeply mesmerizing, mind-altering, and shape-shifting image of an object or person, or a drawing that challenges our way of perception. However, these optical illusions are also part of psychoanalysis as they shed light on how your brain perceives things. Obviously, a normal human brain can see things or images differently and form different perceptions from different angles. One such clever illustration can be seen in a viral image in which a badger is hidden among a herd of zebras.

Optical Illusion for IQ Test: Can you find the hidden animal in the zebra herd?


Image source: BBC Earth

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The above image, produced by BBC Earth, challenged viewers by asking them to spot the badger among the zebras. The badger has been camouflaged in the herd of zebras and it has been claimed that only an attentive spectator can crack this tricky riddle. In this optical illusion you see a herd of zebras. Somewhere in this optical illusion, however, there is an animal hiding. At first, the BBC did not reveal the identity of the hidden animal, then users asked for more information. Then many people discovered the hidden animal in the picture.

Did you spot the hidden badger among the zebras in 15 seconds?

Look closely at this optical illusion image and try to spot the face of the hidden animal, which blends into the background due to the black and white stripes of the zebras. In case you get stuck with the picture and can’t find the hidden animal, we marked a red circle with a badger hidden in the picture. Those who managed to spot the land animal bragged about their achievement like a badger of honor!

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Image source: BBC Earth

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The badger is on the upper left side of the image. If you expand the image, you can see the badger’s ears, mouth, and front. It has been claimed that only the keen-eyed viewer can spot the hidden animal in this clever illustration. The picture confused thousands of adults, since finding the hidden animal is quite difficult. Many research studies have shown that the more you train your brain with difficult puzzles, you tend to be smarter.

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Optical illusions always give a fascinating insight into how our brain works. Certain combinations of color, light, and pattern can trick our brain into visualizing something that isn’t there. Tell us, did you spot the badger hiding in the herd of zebras?

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