Canadian family goes on world tour to make ‘visual memories’ before 3 out of 4 children go blind : The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, September 18th

A Canadian family of six has embarked on a world tour to capture as many visual memories as possible before three of them go blind.

Parents Edith Lemay and Sebastien Pelletier said their children Mia, 12, Colin, 7, and Laurent, 5, have all been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa – a genetic disorder that affects the eyes and causes vision loss.

However, her son Leo, 9, was given the all-clear.

The parents have embarked on a mission to ensure their children can see the world before they lose their sight, which is expected to hit them in midlife.

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There is currently no cure for the disease.

With her eldest preparing for blindness by the time she turns 30, Mia’s medical specialist suggested that the family create “visual memories.”

Edith told CNN Travel, “I thought I’m not going to show her an elephant in a book, I’m taking her to see a real elephant.”

“And I will fill their visual memory with the best and most beautiful images I can,” she added.

“We have urgency with the diagnosis,” said Sebastien. “There are great things to do at home, but there is nothing better than travelling. Not just the landscape, but also the different cultures and people,” he added.

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The family is on an adventure across the globe and won’t be returning to their home in Quebec for another six months.

The family began their global journey through eastern Canada in July 2021. In March 2022 they started their international tour in Namibia.

They later traveled to Indonesia from Mongolia and have a bucket list of activities to tick off as the kids want to ride horses and drink juice on a camel.

They keep their friends and fans informed of their travels through regular updates on Facebook and Instagram.

“We never know what will impress her,” Edith said. “They see puppies on the street and it’s the best thing in their lives,” she added.

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“This trip has opened our eyes to a lot of other things and we really want to enjoy what we have and the people around us,” said Sebastien.

As they prepare their children for the life-changing challenges ahead, parents remain optimistic that their children will never go blind.

“Hopefully science will come up with a solution,” said Sebastien.

That’s what the parents hope for In addition to strengthening their knowledge, Children will acquire survival skills through their travel experience.

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