CERN Issues A Detailed Open Science Strategy

Making research open and accessible to everyone is one of CERN’s core values. To ensure a bright future based on openness and collaboration at CERN, a new strategy has been developed that integrates already existing open science activities.

The CERN Council, during its 209th meeting in September, established a new open science policy for the organization effective immediately. The aim of the strategy is to make all CERN research fully open, inclusive, democratic and transparent to other researchers as well as to the general public. It was created by the Open Science Strategy Working Group (OSSWG), which consists of representatives from all CERN departments. The working group produced comprehensive recommendations for the CERN community to share their results within a new open science framework, drawing on existing bottom-up efforts. A website listing all open scientific projects at CERN will be published together with the policy statement.

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The final policy was developed in response to the 2020 update to the European Strategy for Particle Physics, which emphasized the value of Open Science, and to the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, published in 2021. Since the CERN Convention was ratified by UNESCO in 1952, Open Science has been one of the organization’s guiding principles. As a result, CERN’s efforts have consistently worked to increase access to and transparency about research for the benefit of science and society.

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All research publications, experimental data, and research software and hardware will be made publicly available under the new policy, which also includes the previous rules for open access, open data, and open source software and hardware. In addition, it combines other open science tenets such as training, outreach and citizen science aimed at informing and engaging the public and the next generation of researchers. These principles make research reliable and reproducible, as well as research integrity, open infrastructure and research assessment.

A new era of knowledge sharing is heralded by CERN’s new Open Science Policy. The OSSWG will continue to assess how open science works at CERN and revise the policy in the light of new insights. At the same time, CERN will continue to support the program by publishing a new open science report every year.

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“The new Open Science Policy reflects the values ​​that CERN and high-energy physics embody, as also implied by the CERN Convention: open exchange with the scientific community and society not only of the results of our research, but also of the tools and innovations developed for this and needed for our activity,” said Michelangelo Mangano, Principal Theoretical Physicist, Member of the OSSWG and Chair of the Scientific Information Policy Board.

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