Coltrane Fest, Brooklyn Blues, San Juan Hill, Smoke & TJG

In the annals of jazz, John Coltrane remains one of the most influential alto saxophonists and composers in the world. His innovative sound, from ballads to soul-searching avant-garde spirituals, will always be an inspirational source for listeners and aspiring students.

In honor of his great contribution, the inaugural John Coltrane Jazz Festival will be held on September 24th from 1pm to 7pm at Marcus Garvey Park (124th Street & 5th Avenue). The FREE all-day jazz event is part of State Senator Cordell Cleare’s celebration of “First Jazz Appreciation Day”. It is also the day after Coltrane’s birthday (September 23, 1926).

The parade of incredible saxophonists includes Bill Saxton, TK Blue, Patience Higgins, Alvin Flythe, Todd Herbert, Sweet Lee Odom and John S. Mannan. They are joined by various rhythm sections to play the music of John Coltrane from his days with Miles Davis’ “First Great Quintet”, his recordings with Thelonious Monk and his own innovative recordings with Atlantic and Impulse! Records.

Recognized for his work with Coltrane, Reggie Workman, NEA Jazz Master bassist, composer and educator, will open the all-day festival (Art Davis) on the album “Ole (Atlantic Records 1961). Joining Workman are baritone saxophonist Jason Marshall, pianist Yayoy Ikawa, guitarist Omri Diora Bar, drummer Darrell Smith and vocalist Chi Westfelt. “I go through all of Coltrane’s music and pick some special pieces that we played together,” Workman said.

Other members of the cast include tap dancer Omar Edwards, Sister Zoc, Akako, singer Lori Hartman and Sweet Lee Odom.

The motto “Jazz Appreciation Day” is part of New York State Senator Cordell Cleare’s efforts to “promote and sustain the beginnings of a positive new cultural renaissance in Harlem that promotes community dignity and distinction.”

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