CU and STAR HARBOR collaborate to prepare workforce for outer space

The University of Colorado (CU) and STAR HARBOR are collaborating on an initiative aimed at meeting the needs of space personnel while advancing the burgeoning field of space medicine, the leaders of both organizations recently announced.

This effort will leverage the expertise of two of their CU campuses. CU Boulder has long been a leader in aerospace engineering and space science. As one of its premier academic medical centers in the United States, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus is developing a state-of-the-art space medicine program focused on medicine and biology in extreme environments. Faculty and students in the CU program work side-by-side with scientists and researchers at the Star Harbor campus in Lone Tree, which develops space training alongside R&D initiatives. Together, STAR HARBOR and the CU System provide the critical infrastructure that fuels interest in learning, discovery and innovation, and powers the infrastructure used by researchers at the university. STAR HARBOR and CU offer the next generation of space innovators joint space medicine programs, undergraduate internship and residency opportunities, and commercial space research and development programs. This collaboration will advance the next generation of space technology, talent development and education.

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Mariah Tanner, Founder and CEO of STAR HARBOR said, “Our campus offers students and residents the opportunity to learn about space in a dynamic and exciting new environment. STAR HARBOR will partner with local students through research opportunities, staff development programs that promote diversity, inclusion and accessibility, and a space medicine program unique to the STAR HARBOR training campus.”

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CU President Todd Saliman said the partnership leverages the university’s historic commitment to space and strengths in the field. CU Boulder has one of the leading aerospace engineering programs in the country and is the best-funded public university in terms of NASA research spending. Across all locations, CU has 20 alumni astronauts ranging from the early Mercury missions to recent activities on the International Space Station.

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“This collaboration builds on the strengths that CU has developed over decades since the early days of the US space program,” said Saliman. “Between the aspects of staff development and the space medicine program, the University and STAR HARBOR will be able to make important advances and advancements in these areas that are critical to the future of space exploration and discovery.”

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