Fire Emblem Engage overview trailer, Japanese commercials

Nintendo Publisher and developer Intelligent Systems have released a nine-minute preview trailer and a set of Japanese ads for Fire Emblem Engage.

Here’s an overview of the game, via


The Divine Dragon is awakening.

In the war against the Fallen Dragon, four kingdoms teamed up with heroes from other worlds to seal this great evil. A thousand years later, this seal has weakened and the fallen Dragon is about to rise again. As a Dragon God, use rich strategy and powerful crafting to achieve your destiny — collect 12 emblem rings and restore peace to the continent of Elyos.

Join the legendary heroes of the past Fire Emblem Games

Summon heroes like Marth and Celica with the power of the Emblem Rings and add their power to this new one. Fire Emblem story.

  • Mars emblem – Known as the Emblem of Beginnings. A hero of heroes, full of dignity and charisma. Read the enemy’s intentions in battle and respond with strikes.
  • Emblem Celica – It is called Emblem of Echoes. An active country queen, as well as a warrior priest. The power of darkness is the attack of monsters.
  • Emblem of Sigurd – It is called the Emblem of the Holy War. A noble knight with a powerful lineage. Has high movement and powerful spear attack.
  • Emblem Leif – Known as the Emblem of Genealogy. A brave prince in whose veins flows the blood of the two crusades. A knight who can use axes, swords and spears.
  • Emblem Roy – Known as the Emblem of Binding. A nobleman above the general, brave and intelligent. Endure the enemy’s attacks and cut a path with his sword.
  • Emblem Lyn – It is called Emblem of Blazing. A virtuoso swordswoman from a nomadic tribe who lived in nature. Defeat enemies near with his sword and those far away with his bow.
  • Eirika emblem – It is called the Emblem of the Sacred. a compassionate princess who takes up her sword for peace. His shining sword breaks through the defenses of his enemies.
  • Emblem Ike – Known as the Emblem of Radiance. A legendary mercenary leader with unparalleled combat skills. Break through obstacles with his powerful sword and ax.
  • Emblem Micaiah – Known as the Emblem of Dawn. Possesses strange healing powers as well as visions of the future. Support allies with illuminating spells and healing agents.
  • Emblem Lucina – It is called the Emblem of Awakening. A good heir to anything can change and not give up. Create bonds with allies, and gather strength to attack enemies.
  • Emblem Corrin – Known as the Emblem of Fates. A person with the iron will and blood of the First Dragon. You can enter the path of the dragon, sleeping magic on the ground.
  • Emblem Byleth – Known as the Emblem of the Academy. A mercenary turned teacher. Heroes use different artifacts and know different strategies.

New Faces

  • Alear – Successor to the Holy Dragon, awakened from a long sleep. Summon the Emblems to lead the world to peace.
  • Divine Dragon Lumera – The Holy Dragon and ruler of the sacred land of Lythos. He defeated the Fallen Dragon 1,000 years ago.
  • Frame – Ruler of the Dragons and Clanne’s twin sister.
  • Alfred – Firene’s zealous and loyal crown prince. Always train to strengthen their constitution.
  • Diamond – Brodia’s crown. His people trust him a lot because of his strong and honest character.
  • Ivy – The mysterious and melancholy crown princess of Eusia. He never relaxes the royal customs.
  • Timer – The crown princess bubbling up and out of Solm. Known for being accessible and approachable to all.
  • Ana – A traveling salesman from the winter region of Elusi. He is gentle and cunning.
  • Well – A mysterious young woman who suddenly appears as Alear is being chased by the Corrupted. He seems to be walking around looking for people.

Take part in new fighting styles

In addition to bringing together appearances, Engaging lets you use weapons, abilities, and more from these legends during battle. Turn-based tactical combat is back with a new Engage system to add even more layers to the strategy.

Welcome to Somniel

Visit the paradise of Somniel, the base of your work, in the sky above the continent of Elyos. It has a variety of tools and activities for players to prepare for future battles and strengthen bonds.

Fire Emblem Engage It will be released on Switch on January 20th worldwide.

See the picture below.

Overview Trailer


TV Commercials

TV Commercial #1

TV Commercial #2

Web Commercial


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