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Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Committee New Members: Nesbitt

The Manitoba government is calling for applications for the Spring 2023 inclusion of the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund (FWEF), Secretary of Natural Resources and Northern Development Greg Nesbitt announced today.

“Protecting and enriching the province’s fish and wildlife populations is a priority for the Manitoba government, and we understand that many agencies and organizations working in this area are well placed to develop initiatives that promote sustainability through Support innovation,” said Nesbitt. “I am pleased to announce that up to $1.3 million will be available for winning proposals this year.”

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The FWEF supports projects that promote the sustainable use and management of legally catchable fish and wildlife populations by licensed hunters, fishermen and trappers. Nonprofit groups, local government, and research organizations can apply for funding for initiatives that conserve and enhance Manitoba’s fish and wildlife populations, including those that:

  • study of fish and wildlife populations;
  • promoting sustainable and ethical hunting and fishing practices through education;
  • protecting or enhancing critical habitats for fish and wildlife production; and
  • secure property, to provide public access to fishing and hunting opportunities, or to protect important habitats for fish and wildlife production.

The minister also announced that five new members have been appointed to the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Committee, which provides advice and recommendations to the government on initiatives eligible for grants from the fund. The appointments are:

  • Richard Baydack of La Salle, Committee Chair
  • Rick Gergatz of Stonewall, Subcommittee of the Fish Enhancement Fund
  • Doug Leroux of Lac du Bonnet, Subcommittee of the Fish Enhancement Fund
  • Devin Imrie of Falcon Lake, Wildlife Enhancement Fund Subcommittee
  • Tim Sopuck of Winnipeg, Wildlife Enhancement Fund Subcommittee

Winnipeg’s Lynda McKerchar and Swan River’s Aaron Goethe will each be reappointed to the fish and wildlife subcommittees. All appointments are for three years, ending August 9, 2025.

In 2020, the Manitoba government announced a historic $20 million investment to establish an endowment fund with the Winnipeg Foundation to ensure long-term funding for projects that improve the sustainable use and management of Manitoba’s fish and wildlife populations.

In addition to the $20 million investment, the province makes an annual contribution of 10 percent of royalties collected from the sale of fishing, hunting and fishing licenses.

For more information on the FWEF, visit

Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation administers the FWEF grant application program on behalf of the Manitoba government.

For information on applying to the FWEF, please visit or email a grant officer at [email protected]

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