GigNet Announces Agreement to Provide High-Speed Broadband to Caribbean College Cancun

Cancun, Mexico–(BUSINESS WIRE). -operated educational institution in Cancun, Mexico. Caribbean College provides academic instruction for elementary and pre-elementary school children with an emphasis on implementing individual strategies that enable students to advance through the teaching skills demanded by 21st century learners in close collaboration with the teaching team and to provide excellent services to parents.

Ms. Patricia Gonzalez, Principal of Caribbean College said, “I am grateful that we are connected to the GigNet network. This has given us the opportunity to expand our academic curriculum as teachers need a powerful and effective internet connection in the classroom. Using digital tools in the academic environment is now part of education and is also important to the administration, security and operation of our school.”

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Caribbean College operates under the guiding philosophy of fostering a deep knowledge of human beings, educated in values, with unique intellectual traits cultivated through collaborative educational programs spanning academics, arts, athletics and community engagement. The school’s vision is to educate students to participate actively and responsibly in a globalized world by offering innovative programs that enable students to live connected lives that integrate knowledge, honesty, respect and engagement . For more information, see

Mark Carney, OBE and President of GigNet Mexico, stated, “The next generation of young people will not only inhabit a digital world, but will also be instrumental in shaping the future of Mexico and the planet. High-speed broadband is an absolute requirement for students of all ages, from kindergarten through college, and GigNet takes great pride in enabling Caribbean College faculty and staff to connect these young students to educational resources from around the world. Fiber broadband is changing the way we live, work and learn. Caribbean College understands the benefits of digital transformation and ‘smart schools’ to education, and GigNet is confident that our fiber investments in the region will play a key role in the future of the state of Quintana Roo.”

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GigNet is the Mexican-Caribbean brand of GigNet, Inc., a US-based international digital infrastructure company specializing in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) for enterprise customers such as hotels, resorts, retailers, offices, large commercial operations, government agencies and medical and educational institutions, and fiber optic transport services for mobile operators in the region. Through its Mexican subsidiaries, GigNet, SA de CV and Sanalto Redes Peninsular, SAPI de CV, the Company is a fully licensed telecommunications provider in Mexico. GigNet is actively adding customers to its extensive regional broadband network in the Mexican Caribbean, one of the largest and fastest growing tourism and new housing destinations in the world with over 25 million annual airport visitors. GigNet is leading the region’s digital transformation.

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