Go check out the Wits Incubator at Comic Con and playtest some local games

  • Various game developers will be presenting their projects in the Wits Incubator at booth E753 at Comic Con Africa 22
  • Fat Pack Joe is a mobile game with an incredible physics engine developed by Attribute Graphics
  • The game is slated to launch in 2023

This Heritage Day weekend will be followed by the triumphant return of Comic Con Africa thanks to COVID-19.

There are many things to see, goods to buy, and esports to enjoy, but we stumbled across a rather small, nondescript booth in the Gaming Hall.

This booth is the Wits Incubator and all weekend long, studios from the Tshimologong Gaming Incubator will be demonstrating their games.

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We were lucky enough to test a two button 2D game called Fat Pack Joe. The game is primarily designed for mobile as South Africa (and the African continent in general) is mobile first. The game requires mastery of its physics engine as players tap two buttons to level up, collect power-ups, and dodge obstacles along the way.

Fat Pack Joe, a mobile game being developed at Tshimologong Gaming Incubator.

“We wanted to challenge gamers on how they perceive mobile gaming. What we found is that most mobile games allow you to turn off your brain and play the game, we wanted to challenge the players,” explains one of the developers at Atrybute Graphics, Gift (picture left). “We wanted it to be a competitive experience and that was our main driver.”

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The game is still in development, but it feels remarkably polished. The graphics are very basic, but this is a mobile game being developed for the local market, so we don’t expect AAA level graphics here. The physics engine is amazing and after a few short minutes with the title, we zoomed through the level, albeit poorly.

You can head over to the Wits Incubator at booth E753 at Comic Con and there will be various developers from the incubator showcasing their games throughout the weekend. If you have the opportunity to try Fat Pack Joe, we strongly encourage you to do so.

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As for the future Fat Pack Joe, Atrybute Graphics is hoping to release the game next year via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The developer will also be present at Africa Games Week, which takes place from December 1st to 3rd.

The Tshimologong Gaming Incubation Hub was launched in June this year. Atrybute Graphics is one of the developers who, along with Skinnyboy and Southgame Studio, won a hackathon held during the 2021 Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival.

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