GYANSROTA Completes 1st Year Successfully

Guwahati, Assam, India:
in the this In turbulent times for the Edutech sector where the powerful have fallen out of favor, GYANSROTA, the unique e-learning platform providing quality education at an affordable price across India, today 19th September 2022, successfully completed its first year.

Coming from one of the most diverse demographics in the country, the north-eastern part of India, GYANSROTA’s promoter company, ASCOSYS Pvt Ltd, has deservedly made it into the “10 Most Promising e-Learning Companies of 2022”. This recognition was awarded by a leading national magazine after more than 200 e-learning companies were reviewed by a panel of judges, including an editorial team and experts from respected organisations.

The love and affection of the students and teachers helped GYANSROTA contribute to the overall educational growth in his field of activity.

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As a platform with new and unique features such as preloaded content and multiple applications on one platform covering the curriculum of 14 different boards in 9 different languages, GYANSROTA has emerged as a platform with a difference. The prestigious Education Eminence Award for “Excellence in Providing a Multilingual eLearning Platform” presented to GYANSROTA by leading media house News18 gave the burgeoning platform the boost it needed to progress on the education journey in India. In this short span of one year, GYANSROTA managed to gain the well-deserved recognition as a rising star in the field of eLearning.

In the first phase, GYANSROTA is preparing content for 14 educational boards in 9 languages, targeting students from 23 states and 8 UTs across India.

GYANSROTA digital learning materials are currently available for SEBA in 3 mediums – Assamese, Bodo and English covering the 9th and 10th grade curriculum.

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The content for the Maharashtra board in Marathi is followed by the content in Bengali for the West Bengal board and SEBA along with the Tripura board. Odia content for the Orissa board, Gujrati for the Gujrat board and Punjabi for the Punjab board are about to enter their respective markets.

On the occasion of his 1St On the occasion of the anniversary, GYANSROTA is launching the learning materials for the science branch of grades 11 and 12 in English today, and the remaining 8 media will be available by 2023.

On the occasion of his 1St th anniversary, GYANSROTA offers free courses for NEET candidates. Video courses on solving NEET questionnaires from 2011 to 2020 are provided free of charge in all three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Soon the GYANSROTA NEET app will be available on the Google Play Store. Free phonetics classes for everyone, especially to help students studying in regional languages, will start on June 1stSt November 2022.

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GYANSROTA is working to expand its horizons by adding 16 more Indic languages ​​covering 6 more boards. This phase will culminate with coverage of the entire K12 segment.

Special applications for learning mathematics and language are taught within the 2ndnd year of operation. Sanskrit, Assamese, Bodo, Bengali and Marathi are the five languages ​​that will be available by March 2023.

The journey has started well and we hope to reach greater heights in the years to come.

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