How To Find Hotspot Password On Samsung?

A mobile hotspot is one of the most effective media to share your internet connection with others. When you turn on the hotspot, your device will be visible in others’ Wi-Fi settings. However, people cannot connect to your network unless they know your device’s hotspot passwords.

The device’s hotspot passwords are set by default. So if you want to share hotspot password, you need to dive into hotspot settings and look for the password. In this guide, we have shared an easy way to find the password. In addition, we shared the ways to change the password and SSID of the hotspot.

How to Find Hotspot Password on Samsung?

Samsung devices have built-in quick hotspot sharing options. Moreover, it is also quite easy to find hotspot password on Samsung. There are two ways to access this setting, from Settings or from the control panel. Here are both ways to quickly get into hotspot settings. The steps shown below are from Samsung One UI 3.0 version.

Use device settings

  1. Open the device settings.
  2. Tap on links.
    Tap-on connections
  3. Scroll down and tap Mobile hotspot and tethering.
    Tap-on mobile hotspot and tethering
  4. Tap on Mobile hotspot.
    Tap on mobile hotspot
  5. Now you can see your mobile hotspot password.
    Now you-can-see-your-mobile-hotspot-password

Using Notifications and Control Panel

  1. Open the notification and control center by swiping down from the top. Locate the mobile hotspot.
  2. Long press the Mobile hotspotand it will redirect to hotspot settings.
    Locate the mobile hotspot
  3. Now find your device’s hotspot password.
    Now you-can-see-your-mobile-hotspot-password

How do I change the hotspot name and password?

As mentioned, the device’s hotspot password is set by default. So the password can be random and sometimes hard to remember. Fortunately, you can change the password and set it yourself. However, remember that the password should contain at least eight characters.

You can also change the name of your hotspot, e.g. B. Password. Basically, the default name can be your device name and model. Now let’s see how you can change it.

  1. Startup Settings.
  2. Go to links.
  3. Click on Mobile hotspot and tethering.
  4. blow Mobile hotspot.
    Tap on mobile hotspot
  5. To change the name and password, click Configure.
    Click Configure
  6. Then tap network name and password and remove the existing one and add your own preferred name and password for your hotspot. You need at least eight characters to change and save the password.
    Tap-the-network-name-and-password-and-remove-the-existing-and-add-your-own-preferred-name-and-password-for-your- Hotspot-added
  7. blow Save on computer once you’re done with it.

Things to consider when changing the password

Here we have shared some important points to consider when changing or setting a new password for your WiFi.

  • Try to make the password as long as possible but easy to remember.
  • Add uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols to create a strong password.
  • Don’t use regularly used passwords like your name, simple numbers like 123456, qwerty, etc. that anyone can randomly guess.
  • Try changing your passwords from time to time.

frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to use the WiFi when the mobile hotspot is on?

Unfortunately, you can’t turn on Wi-Fi and Mobile Hotspot at the same time when trying it from the budget Android devices. It’s the hardware limitations, and sometimes manufacturers disable them.

So far, only high-end and mid-range phones support Wi-Fi hotspots. However, sharing the hotspot using your cellular data works across all devices.

How many devices can be connected when a hotspot is enabled?

So far, only up to 10 devices can join your network via hotspot. If more devices are connected to the same hotspot, the Internet connection will be slower and the battery will drain faster. So only activate the hotspot if it is necessary.

Why isn’t my hotspot visible on other users’ Wi-Fi networks?

There is a chance that you accidentally disabled your hotspot SSID. If it’s disabled, other users won’t be able to find your network on their devices. However, only the already connected devices can see and connect to your network if the hotspot SSID is disabled.

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