How to fix Modern Warfare 2 open beta Puget-Altus error?

While the first weekend of the Modern Warfare 2 open beta ended on September 20th, the second session begins this Thursday, September 22nd for all platforms. Some players are enjoying the open beta, but many of them are unable to play it properly due to the Puget Altus bug.

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The Puget Altus bug causes Modern Warfare Beta to be unable to connect to its servers as it “cannot connect to online services”. This is a common error that occurs when trying to launch the game. It’s a connection error, which means there’s a problem with the internet connection or the game servers.

Steps to fix puget altus error modern warfare 2 beta connection failed

Connection Failed

While there is no confirmed method to fix this error, here are a few steps that players have tried and that seemed to fix the issue for them:

Step 1: Check your internet connection

Since this is an error stemming from connection issues, the first thing you should do is check your internet connection to see if it is stable or not. A stable internet connection plays a big part in making an online multiplayer game run smoothly and error-free.

It is recommended to disable all bandwidth-intensive applications running in the background to avoid heavy network traffic. If you’re using a modem, try restarting it to see if it works.

A wired connection would give you a more stable internet connection, so try to switch to a wired connection if possible.

Step 2: Check the game’s server status

Game servers should be constantly checked to determine if they are working as intended or not. If the servers are down or undergoing maintenance, it is best to wait for the servers to come back online as it is not possible for players to repair the server.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Even if the servers come back online, there’s a chance they won’t work as intended due to the sheer volume of players trying to play the game at the same time.

You can check the servers by visiting the Activision Online Services Side.

Step 3: Check for updates

Keep an eye out for updates related to the Modern Warfare 2 open beta. Updates are an integral part of multiplayer games, so players should constantly check for updates to the game to potentially fix the Puget Altus bug.

Updating the game can help fix the Puget Altus error that players are currently facing. Therefore, you should always check for updates to the game.

Step 4: Restart the console

If you’re on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, you can try restarting your console to see if it works or not. Even if it’s a server issue, there’s no harm in restarting your console. Turn off the console, unplug the power cord, and wait two minutes before turning the console back on.

Sometimes turning the console on and off can do wonders for your game. It might even fix the Puget Altus error you are facing right now.

Step 5: Reinstall the game

If all the above steps fails to fix Puget Altus error, you’d better uninstall and reinstall the game to see if the problem is solved or not. Completely uninstall and reinstall the Modern Warfare 2 beta client on your console or PC.

You can even try changing the DNS server for your console to check if it fixes the error or not.

If all of the above steps fail, try contacting the officer Customer Support Team to give you more hints about the Puget Altus error and help you to fix it.

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6. About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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