How To Fix PlayStation Error Code NP-34957-8

While PlayStation is taking the lead, like any other system, there’s still room for improvement, and that’s where error code NP-34957-8 comes in. Recently, several users have been complaining about error code NP-34957-8, which has led to awkward situations. The source of the error mainly has to do with a spontaneous malfunction in the PlayStation software. Whatever the cause, we understand that you are here to deal with such errors. In such a case, you don’t have to wait any longer as we have curated some fixes for you to find the perfect fix for error code NP-34957-8.

Try signing in to PSN again
Often there are cases when it is enough to simply log out of PSN and log back in. To find out how this happened, it was determined that this may have something to do with the account data not being synchronized with the servers of the PlayStation Network services. At other times there were problems with syncing trophies to PSN. So, follow the simple and easy steps to fix error code NP-34957-8. First go to Settings on PS4 or PS5, then go to Account Management option and then select Sign out. This will sign you out of the PSN service. After that, all you have to do is log into the network using your PSN account.

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Get a better internet connection
Most of the time there is an instability in the network connection that seems to lead to error code NP-34957-8. First, you need at least 4MB internet connection to get started. Next, you should have sufficient bandwidth as this may very well be the cause of the problem. Stable and good bandwidth ensures you have a smooth and clear connection. Next, you can also switch from a wireless connection to an Ethernet cable to rule out that there is a problem with the cabling. In addition, Ethernet cables offer drastically fast connections and a constant flow of bandwidth. You can contact your internet service provider to solve the problem if none of the above measures work.

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Restart your console
If you haven’t already done so, now is probably a good time to try this simple fix to see if error code NP-34957-8 gets fixed. It would be even better if you restart your console at least twice. Go to power options and select restart. Or you can also press the PS button on your Dualshock 4 to go to the options. Another thing you can do is power cycling. To do this, turn off your console, then unplug the power cord, wait 3-5 minutes, reconnect the cables, reboot your system and that’s it for power cycling your system.

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That’s all for our fixes for PlayStation error code NP-34957-8. Also check out our hub for common PC errors and their fixes if you’re encountering other errors on your PC or in video games.

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