IIT Jodhpur launches two new 4-year BS programmes to make students future ready

To meet the growing need and demand for modern technologies, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur will launch a new four-year BS program with Engineering in Chemistry and Physics with specialization.

The Institute has geared the new programs to global needs. In the first year of study, the courses impart basic scientific and engineering knowledge. In the second and third years, students will complete comprehensive theoretical and experimental courses in advanced concepts of chemistry and physics in the respective programs, and in the final year these programs will allow students to specialize in an area of ​​focus at the forefront of science.

Professor Santanu Chaudhury, Director of IIT Jodhpur, highlighted the unique aspects of the new 4-year BS programmes,

“Research in basic sciences is pushing the frontiers of technology. Quantum technology, sustainable materials, terahertz technology, gene therapy and green energy are some examples of scientific innovations driving technological innovation. It is time to rethink basic science programs and to make them the basis for developing new technologies. New BS programs of IIT Jodhpur have been launched with this motivation. We expect our BS graduates to engage in application-oriented fundamental research and develop breakthrough technologies for new industries.”

In accordance with the National Education Policy 2020, the interdisciplinary approach of these programs, the institute strives to transcend the barrier of traditional paths and excel in the interplay of science and technology. The flexibility to choose different specializations to meet societal and industrial demands and ever-increasing sustainability demands is a key feature of this program’s curriculum.

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The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree program has been developed in line with current trends aimed at science-based technical innovation. This program is well designed for the graduates with numerous application opportunities in various fields including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, materials and devices, energy, healthcare and environment.

Key features of the BS in Chemistry program include:

  • Focus on industry-relevant sustainable innovations
  • Opportunity for department-specific specialization in spectroscopy and dynamics as well as organic and organometallic catalysis
  • Interdisciplinary specialization in Advanced Energy Materials
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Prof. Ramesh Metre, Head of Department, highlighted the main features of the four-year BS program in Chemistry with specialization, saying: “This four-year engineering BS program in chemistry provides a thorough foundational and applied knowledge in the field of chemical sciences, including specialized and interdisciplinary areas. Students are encouraged to fully exploit the scientific possibilities of the field through work on original, cutting-edge research projects.”


The Bachelor of Science in Physics program launched by IIT Jodhpur aims to provide theoretical foundations and practical skills in fundamental and applied physics with the understanding of interdisciplinary subjects through theory, calculation and practical training.

Graduates of this program have career opportunities in various fields including Green Energy and Sustainable Energy Materials, Photonics and Terahertz Technology/Communications, Quantum Technology and Communications, Quantum Open Systems, Flexible Electronics, Multifunctional Materials and Devices, Smart Energy for Smart Cities and Smart Healthcare .

Professor Ashutosh Alok, head of the department, highlighted the main features of the BS program in Physics, said Professor Ashutosh Alok,

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“The program aims to provide underpinnings for both fundamental and applied physics concepts so that one can excel in physics-driven technologies. You will be given the opportunity to work on projects with faculty of different expertise and access to the modern laboratories and research facilities of the department The program provides for students to understand the interdisciplinary approach to solving real-world problems and to excel in various career paths such as researchers and innovators in academia or industry.

Key features of BS. in the physics program include:

  • Flexibility to pursue skill-based specializations in different fields i.e. Advanced Energy Materials, Photonics and Quantum Technologies
  • Integration of design aspects into the curriculum
  • Opportunity to gain industry experience through industry collaborations

IIT Jodhpur also offers the BS program students the opportunity to convert their 4-year BS program into a 5-year BS-MTech double degree program with relevant specializations. In addition, the program offers the opportunity to embark on an entrepreneurial path that leads to science-based technical innovations.

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