Immunis Welcomes Dr. Peter Diamandis to the Executive Advisory Board

IRVINE, California. , September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Welcomes Immunis Inc., a private biotechnology company developing an immunomodulatory secretome in Phase 1/2a trials for age- and disease-related immunodeficiency Peter H. Diamandis, MD to the Executive Advisory Board. dr Diamandis received degrees in molecular genetics and aerospace engineering from WITH and is a Harvard-trained doctor. His entrepreneurial spirit has led to the creation of over 25 companies in the space, education, venture capital and longevity sectors. Named after wealth As one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”, Dr. Diamandis Founder and CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation, which funds the design and running of large-scale incentive competitions. As the managing founder of Singularity University, Dr. Diamandis connects the world’s leading companies to exponentially growing technologies with programs such as Abundance360 and the Abundance Platinum Longevity Program. He is co-founder and vice chairman of cell therapy company Celularity, Inc. and Vaxxinity, Inc., which develops vaccines for COVID and chronic diseases. dr Diamandis is also co-founder and executive chairman of Fountain Life, a co-founder of BOLD Capital Partners and board member of four successful SPAC exits. The books, blogs, podcasts and webinars by Dr. Diamandis regularly train millions of people. Immunis is honored to have such an innovative professional join the team.

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“I haven’t been this excited about a biotech company in a long time! The approach Immunis is taking to reproducing the stem cell secretome and the focus on sarcopenia is brilliant. In addition to the myriad of potential benefits associated with longevity, battling sarcopenia could have one of the biggest impacts on healthy aging we’ve seen this decade,” says Dr. Peter H. Diamandis.

About Immunis Inc.
Immunis is a privately held biotechnology company developing a novel immunomodulatory secretome product for the various manifestations of age- and disease-related decline in the immune system. The STEM line of products leverages Immunis’ cutting-edge expertise in stem cell technology to provide all natural, all human immunomodulators at their natural, relative physiological concentrations.

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