International Female Empowerment Organisation GIFEW Celebrates Impacting 5,000+ Women Over a Decade

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2022 / GIFEW (Global Institute For Evolutionary Women) is a transformative education and mentoring organization founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Bea Benkova, whose community of over 5000 entrepreneurs, leaders and activists reaches far beyond their London headquarters, including members from over 120 countries on 6 continents. Her noble mission is to transform humanity through the combined power of evolutionary women, which she works tirelessly to achieve by providing members with multidimensional education, engaging leading expert mentors, and providing a stimulating and supportive environment for transformative learning, evolution and more -Creation.

The traditional boundaries of socioeconomic background or geographic origin do not apply to GIFEW, which functions as a unique organization that is both an evolutionary home for women making a difference in the world and, at a higher level, a harbinger of a new paradigm for humanity , in which women work in equal partnership with men.

GIFEW, Wednesday September 21, 2022, Image accompanying the press release

The GIFEW story

GIFEW is the brainchild of Bea Benkova, whose lifelong sense of ambition, social responsibility and opportunity was first cultivated at a young age in then-communist Czechoslovakia. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Bea studied at Oxford before entering the world of finance. However lucrative her career path may have been, she felt disillusioned and unsatisfied, and Bea longed for something more fulfilling.

When she realized that her passion for coaching and intuitive gift for persuasive communication could be combined with her existing entrepreneurial spirit, ideas began to bubble. Settling on the goal of liberating women, helping them to discover their natural strengths, thrive at work and live purposefully, she set up a transformational coaching practice in London, where she worked with CEOs, public figures and… life, politicians, scientists, authors and artists, educators and other professionals and established itself internationally as a focal point for influential women.

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Soon after, GIFEW was born as a new breed of platform and community for transformative education and mentoring, which is the culmination of Bea’s years of hard work. While the beginnings weren’t easy, especially when it came to self-deploying the educational plan across multiple time zones, a lot has happened since then as Bea refined her business model.

GIFEW, Wednesday September 21, 2022, Image accompanying the press release

Since its inception, GIFEW has evolved with a digital-first approach to content delivery, a location-independent approach to collaboration and partnership, and a path of online certification and engagement programs that have enabled GIFEW’s roster of thought leaders and mentors to shoot up. an important source of value for members.

Despite the shift from physical to digital during the pandemic, GIFEW has remained resilient throughout and has continued to evolve without losing intimacy, connection and trust with its community. It came at the perfect time – at a time when millions of people were asking how they could use technology to deliver personalized education that could transcend the online-offline boundary without severing the human element.

A pioneering and purposeful approach

While GIFEW is not the only international training and mentoring focused on women organization in the world, in addition to the high quality of what they offer, one aspect of their founding philosophy has contributed significantly to their increasing popularity. It was easy for Bea – she believed that the empowering and uplifting effects she had delivered in her coaching days should be available to everyone, not just the people with the best jobs and the greatest socioeconomic capital.

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GIFEW’s approach is unique in that it enables women to look their best, reconnect with their true selves and rediscover and use their superpowers. As an organization, it works with a focus on education and mentoring, hosting participatory community events and summits for thousands of members around the world. His pedagogical approach is holistic and individualized, yet highly scalable, using a variety of innovative models, tools and processes to enable women to overcome their fears, push their limits and build a meaningful existence. By integrating two important dimensions for all women, her model combines personal growth and transformation with conscious business building and career development – while infusing them with an awareness of the masculine and feminine aspects of women’s personal and professional lives.

From day one, the guiding principle or promise behind GIFEW’s work has always been that “every woman is powerful and feminine, vital and prosperous, living her life in her natural flow and fulfilling her legacy while sharing love, respect and synergy with men.” Has. ” This principle is evident in everything GIFEW does, and to date, thousands of GIFEW members have emerged as established leaders in both their professional contexts and communities, whether leading high-impact projects or leading companies that… both thriving and positive are difference.

The future of GIFEW

Now, a decade after its inception, GIFEW is recognized worldwide as one of the leading organizations driving the empowerment of women in today’s society. Over the next few years, GIFEW aims to expand its community to a total of 100,000 members, with a vibrant virtual platform at its core, as well as regional centers at various global hubs where women can grow and collaborate with full geographic flexibility.

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By creating a path for women to start, run and grow the kind of businesses that speak to their heart and soul and to optimize their business models, using their innate talents to make them successful, GIFEW makes it possible Women who live with purpose create legacies that will last well beyond their lifetime. For many women, this begins with the conscious realization that they too have superpowers and that learning how to use them is key to fueling and guiding their entrepreneurial journey. To help women take the plunge, GIFEW recently launched a free Evolutionary Woman Genius Assessment that will not only provide those who take it with a valuable overview of their abilities, but will help GIFEW improve its offering as it progresses evolve over time to reflect the real-world capabilities of potential members.

Additionally, GIFEW has built a strong partnership with Genius Group, the world’s leading entrepreneurship education group, and its platform GeniusU, which aspires to be the world’s first metaversity so it can extend its educational tools and community to virtual reality to do this to enable global connections, provide educational opportunities and encourage even more seamless collaboration. With each new member, GIFEW’s shared vision of evolving, making a positive difference and feeling part of a global community grows even stronger in a self-reinforcing cycle – the true sign of the potential for global cultural change.

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