Internet lauds young man assisting older Parkinson’s patient to hold newspaper; watch

The Internet is praising a young woman who helps an elderly Parkinson’s patient run a newspaper. Twitter/@GoodNewsCorres1

It is said that “charity begins at home”, but there is no special place for it. Thus, cases of humanitarian action are everywhere. In our daily life, short encounters with such kind people are surely enough to recharge our faith in humanity. Today, social media has become a hub for content that never fails to touch the hearts of users. After a day’s struggle with this so-called cruel world, such events can subconsciously bring a smile to your face. This recent viral video seems to be a lesson to the younger generation who have a huge responsibility to perform. Video shared by Good news movementshows a younger woman offering help to an elderly passenger with Parkinson’s disease on a tube train in London.

The heart-melting clip unfolds from the crowd of a moving train passing through a subway somewhere in London, England. While the other commuters were busy on their own, an old man can be seen struggling to translate the newspaper he was reading. The person is known to suffer from Parkinson’s disease, a disorder of the central nervous system.

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Dopamine levels decrease as a result of neuronal damage in the brain, leading to Parkinson’s symptoms. Parkinson’s disease often begins with hand tremors. Other symptoms, such as slowness of movement, stiffness and loss of balance, appear later. However, the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be managed with medication.

When entering the video, the person’s right hand was shaking due to the illness, causing difficulty in holding the newspaper properly. Then a younger woman sitting in the opposite seat helped him turn the page of the newspaper. One of their fellow travelers filmed the incident.

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In the comment section, many users praised the woman for her act. Some of them also referred to the tragic consequences of Parkinson’s disease.

A distraught viewer commented: “With so much negativity in the video, it’s refreshing to see someone help.”

A woman suffering from the same disease admitted: “I have Parkinson’s disease. It’s a hard road sometimes. You often attract unkind remarks because the symptoms can make you appear drunk or on drugs. So this is pretty amazing to see.”

One person lamented: “There are still good people in the world. Too bad bad people grab all the headlines.”

One person called the young man “an amazing man.”

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Here are some other reactions:

Since the 12-second clip hit the internet, it has racked up nearly 75,000 views on Twitter. It has also garnered over 2,500 likes and hundreds of tweets on the platform so far.

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