IPRoyal Pawns Just Became Pawns.app

In addition to a complete overhaul of the design, the app now offers more ways to make money!

IPRoyal Pawns, the global app that allows individuals worldwide to earn money by sharing their internet connection, just got a brand new name as well as new features to make it even more attractive to users. The development team had several main goals:

1. Allow users to earn significantly more compared to previous versions of the app
2. Integrate Polls, a brand new way to make money with Pawns.app
3. Introduce a brand new streamlined app theme
4. Fix known bugs and add incremental improvements for better user experience

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The new Pawns.app offers features to help users make money in new and more efficient ways, including a brand new feature – Surveys. Polls allow users to share their opinions and answer questions about technology, cosmetics, fashion, politics and more.

The internet sharing feature also received a significant boost. Pawns.app already offers the best plans on the market, but the development team made sure that the connection is now much more stable, allowing users to earn 10% more on average.

Karolis Toleikis, the CEO and co-founder of Pawns.app said he was sure the new app would be even more attractive to users. “From the beginning, we have focused on providing a reliable source of passive income to individuals around the world. Pawns.app confirms this commitment. I am sure that our existing and new users will recognize this and join us on the journey to new achievements and milestones in the future.”

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This announcement follows the Pawns.app reaching 1.9 million registered users in over 190 locations worldwide. To learn more about the app, visit pawns.app.

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