Leopard Stuck On Tree Rescued After 8 Hours Of Struggle in This Old Clip

Known to be excellent climbers, leopards are often spotted atop treetops. They do it out of a spirit of adventure, but an old clip has now caused a stir online as it shows a leopard getting stuck in a tree while surrounded by a huge crowd. Indian Forest Service (IFS) official Parveen Kaswan shared the video on Twitter and said that “wildlife management is an area of ​​daily adventure”.

In the video, the leopard can be seen perched on a branch of the tree while human voices can be heard in the background. The location was not shared by the official.

“Wildlife management is a daily field of adventure. Now imagine how this leopard got there and was surrounded by a sea of ​​people. We had to save him,” said the IFS officer.

In the thread tweet, he also mentioned that the case is two or three months old and it took forest officials to convince the big cat to come down after almost eight hours of the rescue operation. “There are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), but each situation is unique and presents different challenges. Every situation requires innovation on the spot, from crowd control to rescue. And previous experiences help. This was convinced to come down after 7-8 hours of operation. 2-3 month old case (sic),” added the IPS officer.

The video racked up more than 4,800 views in just a few minutes and it’s still counting.

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Another similar video has surfaced online, a video of a leopard shared by IFS Susanta Nanda. The clip was recorded in a village near Sinnar in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. In the detail, a leopard can be seen slowly climbing a coconut tree while its prey may be perched on one of the branches. After a while, another leopard climbed up the tree within seconds to hunt its prey.

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The video’s caption read, “If you were wondering why the leopard climbed a coconut tree, read to the end.”

The video received more than a lakh views.

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