LIBERIA: 15 years Old Female Graduates with Flying Colors after Passing Top Notch Subjects in High School

Mrs. Tyra Nettey

In Liberia, high school students are considered to be good at non-science subjects, but 15-year-old Ms. Tyra Nettey broke records when she left SOS Hermann Gmeiner International School’s high school for 2021/2022 when she studied physics, chemistry, mathematics and economics.

On September 23, 2022, Ms. Tyra Nettey graduated from high school and emerged as the Salutator in her class, earning first class honors in the four (4) sixth form subjects.

The 15-year-old student, who is supported by her single mother, Ms Nornor Bee, earned certificates in physics, chemistry, mathematics and economics.

She was a gifted student throughout her academic year and became the dux for her class. Mrs. Nettey has the ambition to become a professional doctor. According to her, she has a passion for saving many lives and working hard in the healthcare sector.

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“Glory to God and congratulations to my Tyra. You walk out with almost every award and I couldn’t hold back my tears. I’m blown away and a very proud mom,” said her excited single mom.

Sharing her struggle to send her children to school, Madam Bee said, “Julia K. Sandiman-Gbeyai, this post is for you, Tyra-mama. I present to you the little girl who was in your care 11 years ago and you have cared for her and shaped her like your own. This is the result today and I will be so ungrateful if I don’t get you your flowers. I appreciate you building my children’s foundation. I remembered when it used to get tough and tuition was due; They will tell me to send the children to school, if you find money you will pay. Thank you to you and all of your staff at ARC. Well done mom. Tyra Nettey brought you all these awards.”

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In the meantime, Ms. Nornor Bee, her single mother and other humanitarian and community leaders are calling on you to help this teen advance her education at Mother Pattern College of Health Sciences, where she hopes to enroll.

According to Madame Bee, this will help her daughter achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.

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Commenting on social media, excited individuals said: “This scholar needs to be celebrated and even given a scholarship by the government to continue her education outside to encourage other young women to double their studies and take education seriously. “

Some said, “The future is female and it is manifesting itself daily with young Liberian women pushing to the fore both academically and professionally.”

“Soon there would come a time when women would sit at the corners of decision-making and influence in all sectors of society. Physics, chemistry, mathematics and economics,” they continued.

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