Loewe’s Metaverse Fashion Works IRL

As someone who very much tip I could afford the clothes presented at Paris Fashion Week (or any other city’s fashion week). I didn’t pay much attention to the shows. But among the highlights from reporters and fashion influencers, I spotted some pieces that absolutely wowed my brain even though they made my eyes question reality.

At its show last weekend, fashion house Loewe caused a stir when it sent two models down the catwalk in pixelated clothes that looked like Minecraft. When I first saw the look in photos, I thought it was fake, a post-production illusion, or an intentionally obvious photoshop. Then I thought it might be new fashion offerings in the metaverse, something like meta feverishly striving to make digital designer clothing a reality. Related to the previous offer of the company – Collaborations with Balenciaga, Thom Browne and Prada – they don’t happen, although there are some outliers like Gucci bags in Roblox that are worth thousands.

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Imagine my surprise when I found out that Loewe’s clothes weren’t part of a digital campaign, but real pieces from the Spring 2023 collection that you could touch with your hands – and wear on the street.

Real or fake?  (Photo: Thierry Chesnot, Getty Images)Real or fake? (Photo: Thierry Chesnot, Getty Images)

By rendering pixels in the 3D space of the pieces, Loewe succeeded in making the role of the internet in our lives clear. Consider the materiality of the pixel, what it would take if two human hands were so common in online spaces. So far, fashionistas on social media seem to like this idea. Many also freaked out, as if I was thinking about whether the clothes were real or fake, which made me feel like I was being seen.

How Loewe managed to make the clothes look like this Minecraft IRL, when it comes to the top and hoodie, the key seems to be in the outer edges, which are stiff and use a jagged pattern to create a pixelated effect. Minecraft Clothing and costumes often look similar, albeit with less craftsmanship. The pants, on the other hand, appear to be a more traditional, roomy silhouette, filled with a pixelated print. Together they create the effect that the model’s body dissolves. The company has not yet released the prices for the items.

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Overall, I think Loewe has done something that Metaverse fashion hasn’t – getting people excited about digital-style clothing. In this case, the clothes are real, but their connection to the digital world is undeniable. And unlike clothes in the metaverse, humans seem to want to wear these clothes and want to spend time in them.

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