Logitech G Launches Professional-Grade PRO Racing Wheel and Pedals

Logitech G introduces professional PRO racing wheel and pedals

Logitech G today announced the PRO Racing Wheel and PRO Racing Pedals. Developed for the most realistic and immersive racing experience possible.

The PRO Racing Wheel’s brand new direct drive motor is capable of delivering an impressive 11 Newton meters of power with incredibly low latency. Combined with TRUEFORCE – an exclusive, proprietary, high-definition force feedback technology from Logitech G – the Direct Drive motor delivers unparalleled racing realism with higher responsiveness than ever before. As a result, simracers can now experience in-game physics and audio with much greater precision and near-instantaneous feedback, from road conditions to engine vibration.

“Fans of our racing wheels and pedals can expect a serious improvement in terms of realism, performance and control, as well as design and durability,” said Richard Neville, Head of Simulation and Controllers at Logitech Gaming. “We analyzed everything – from the number of shifts, twists and bumps that an 11 Nm wheel can withstand to the materials and components that withstand even the toughest racing conditions.”

The result is a PRO Racing Wheel system that delivers unmatched realism, driver information and connection to the car without the lag or abstraction that professional sim racers demand.

Designed for pro racers, the PRO Racing Wheel features:

  • Intuitive wheel design – Buttons and dials are precisely laid out in a “thumb motion” so racers never have to take their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road.
  • Magnetic paddle shifters – Engineered with a magnet system utilizing non-contact Hall Effect sensors and additional tactile magnets, resulting in a realistic, mechanical feel that accurately simulates a professional racing car, coupled with the durability for millions of gear changes.
  • double clutch paddle – Analog paddles deliver perfect tactile response for a variety of racing functions. Configured as a dual-clutch setup, they offer the perfect advantage when starting from the grid. Alternative configurations include a handbrake and two additional axles, allowing racers to program the paddles as throttle and brake, allowing analog control for different racers.
  • Customizable settings display – Whether racers need different setups for different racing titles or for different cars within the same title, they can quickly configure key wheel settings within five different built-in racing profiles.
  • quick release attachment – The redesigned clamp system allows desk-seated racers to easily mount and remove their wheel while maintaining the standard bolt holes for those mounting to a racing seat.

The PRO Racing Pedals feature realistic load cell braking and are fully customizable to suit racing setups and styles. Key features include:

  • pressure detection – The pedals register the force that racers apply, allowing for improved muscle memory, and the perfect amount of braking power improves driver feel and delivers a more consistent racing performance.
  • Customizable pedals – Easily accessible and fast allows racers to adjust the feel of all three pedals. The clutch and accelerator pedals can be adjusted firmer or softer via a set of interchangeable springs, the brake pedal via a choice of elastomers. Both the gas and clutch pedals also use non-contact Hall effect sensors to ensure their longevity.
  • Modular design – Each pedal can be moved horizontally to create the perfect spacing for any racer, and removable pedal modules make adjustment a breeze.

The Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel is available in two versions, one compatible with PC, PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 consoles and one compatible with PC, Xbox Series X|S® and Xbox One® is.

The Logitech G PRO Racing Pedals are compatible with PCs running Windows® 10/11 via USB and when connected to the PRO Racing Wheel: Xbox Series X|S®, Xbox One®, PlayStation®5 or PlayStation®4 consoles .

The Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and PRO Racing Pedals were unveiled at Logitech’s inaugural Logi Play event, a landmark event celebrating gaming and streaming culture.

Prices and Availability

The Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and PRO Racing Pedals are expected to be available in September 2022 on LogitechG.com and worldwide retailers at a suggested retail price of $999/€1099 (wheel) $349/€349 (pedals).

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