Man’s Hilarious ID Photo Leaves Internet in Stitches—’You’re OK With This?’

The man’s joke photo has spread on social media and left the internet in stitches.

Steve, who goes by the Reddit handle u/UnderhandDrummond, shared the image on Reddit three months ago, where it has since received more than 34,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

From the Metro Detroit area, Michigan, she posted a photo of a license photo taken in 2019 with the caption: “My license photo. The only thing the woman who took my photo said was ‘Are you okay with this?'”

Driver's ID card
Now, a picture of Steve from a Michigan driver’s ID has gone viral, leaving Reddit users in stitches.

In the picture, Steve pulls a shocked grimace, which has made viewers laugh. One commenter said: “Serious Nigel Thornberry vibes coming from this,” while another Redditor wrote: “This is the face I make when I wake up after a night of drinking and remember what all happened.”

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“My reaction when I first saw it was sheer joy at the majesty of my captured reflection,” Steve shared. Newsweek. “My friend and I have been complementing each other with ID photos for years, and this was my greatest achievement.”

“You look like a serial killer,” said one response in the viral post. Others agreed, joking that the image was: “Coming into a thumbnail for a Netflix documentary in 2023.”

Steve replied to the post: “I’ve had this ID for a couple years now and it never occurred to me that this was the vibe, but judging by the comments here… I’m going to have a new appreciation every time I need to use my ID.”

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After the photo was taken, he says a woman at the DMV checked to make sure he was happy with the photo: “She said, ‘Are you okay with this?'” Steve recalled. “I didn’t realize he was too worried.”

Many Redditors were impressed that ID was even checked with the driver. One wrote: “They asked you if your picture was OK? In my state DMV workers don’t give an ac*** what your picture looks like.”

“I don’t know why it took so long to share it with Reddit,” Steve said. “It’s always gotten a great reaction from people when I show it to them, and one day it just occurred to me that it probably translates well on Reddit, too.”

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The picture received a lot of comments as people joked and laughed at the picture.

“Thanks for making me laugh out loud,” said one comment, while another joked that “This looks like a mix of Jim and Dwight, the Wish version,” referring to characters from the hit series. Office.

“The day it went viral I did very little work. I pretty much just basked in the glory of my fake internet scores and nervously paced my kitchen obsessively looking at the post stats,” joked Steve. “Fortunately, I am self-employed and was able to sustain my 24-hour virus financially.”


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