Massive Leak Suggests ‘Fortnite X Star Trek’ Collab in the Works For Season 4

September has been a rollercoaster ride for Fortnite fans and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. With a new season coming online, a new ICON skin pack, and a cosmetic-packed Battle Pass rolling out, players have never been more excited. To keep the ride full of surprise waves, a new skin line is set to be making its way into the Fortnite universe any time soon.


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Fortnite is a free online video game. It was developed by Epic Games and has been thriving in the gaming industry for a number of years. The game has improved with each season and chapter, evolving with people like the community. And the game’s visuals never leave players disappointed.


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Fortnite is in no mood to take its foot off the gas

Entities like LeBron James, Ninja, and Patrick Mahomes have already been featured in Fortnite cosmetics. This brings communities together to enjoy their space on a common platform. And a recent leak has hinted that someone from outer space could be joining the Fortnite universe.

A Twitter account by the name of ShiinaBR (@ShiinaBR) shared this leak with the Fornite fans. A tweet from the account said, “The Luke Skywalker skin may be coming soon, Epic just added two new versions of his lightsaber to the files. One of them has the “A New Hope” logo and the other has the “Return of the Jedi” trademark!”

Therefore, the battle royale world could welcome the legendary character from outer space. And with that, it will bring a sense of remembrance to the lovers of the character. The most exciting would certainly be the development around the lightsabers.

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As soon as this leak hit players’ notifications, they started expressing their feelings over the tweet. Here are some of people’s reactions:

SypherPK looks fire in its newly launched ICON skin pack

Recently, Fortnite released a SypherPK ICON skin pack. With the start of Season 4, players will get a chance to get their hands on the rare skin pack. In addition, the pack includes an Oni Mask, Oni Backblink, Emote, and Pickaxe. But there are some amazing improvements.

Fortunately, players can collect some of the cosmetics for free. All they have to do is join SypherPK’s stream for one hour on any day between September 18th and 22nd. They then receive a Dark Dragon Wrap.

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Also, by completing the quests on SypherPK’s ICON map, players can claim a special spray and loading screen banner. Therefore, players can start to keep themselves busy and claim as many prizes as possible and rule the new season 4 of Fortnite.


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Have you started the season 4 grind yet? What do you think of the SypherPK ICON skin pack? Let us know in the comments.

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