Microvast makes batteries smarter and safer: New battery management system BMS 5.0 improves safety and extends battery lifetime

STAFFORD, TX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Microvast Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MVST), a technology innovator that designs, develops and manufactures lithium-ion battery solutions, today announced the fifth generation of its battery management system, called BMS 5.0. The system is expected to be available by the end of 2023.

That Battery Management System (BMS) is the Brain of the battery pack, a critical component that measures cell voltages, module temperatures, and battery current. It also detects insulation faults and controls the contactors and thermal management system. The battery management system consists of electronics and software to protect the operator of the battery-powered system and the battery pack itself from over-charging, deep-discharging, over-current, cell short-circuiting and extreme temperatures.

Highlights and differentiators of BMS 5.0:

Microvast is new BMS 5.0 supports lower total cost of ownership through Extending the life of the battery pack through more efficient and accurate measurements of state of charge, health and performance. The BMS 5.0 is designed with safety-and-security-first engineering practices that improve overall vehicle safety, thereby eliminating catastrophic failures Meets ISO 26262 automotive functional safety and ISO 21434 automotive cybersecurity standards. Has BMS 5.0 from Microvast built-in digital twin technique, the allows early prediction and immediate maintenance.

  • De facto standards for estimating battery health: Accuracy of state of charge estimation with minimal error rate using closed-loop SOC estimation strategy based on Kalman filtering, amp-hour integration, static correction, two-terminal correction and proprietary algorithms. Data-driven machine learning and physics-based models with cloud support, including self-learning online simulations and calculation of capacitance and internal resistance, remaining useful life (RUL) and state of health (SOH) monitoring with negligible error rate.
  • Fully configurable for all microvast cell chemistries and battery properties.

  • 3P by Microvast (Predict-Prevent-Protect) Security management: The digital twin of Microvast protects Cells from damage, misuse or failure through active intervention with software controls and specialized electronics predict Internal resistance, failures and isolation of failed components impede Failures for the rest of the battery pack. BMS 5.0 thermal runaway detection detects cell failures and supports bi-directional wake-up of primary and replica boards during sleep with pressure detection sensors.
  • State-of-the-art equalization: Maximum battery pack capacity based on user-defined consistent energy balancing strategy.

About Microvast

Microvast is a technology innovator that designs, develops and manufactures lithium-ion battery solutions. Microvast is known for its cutting-edge cell technology and vertical integration capabilities, spanning from core battery chemistry (cathode, anode, electrolyte and separator) to modules and packs. By integrating the process from raw material to system assembly, Microvast has developed a product family that covers a wide range of market applications including electric vehicles, energy storage and battery components. Founded in 2006, Microvast is headquartered near Houston, Texas. For more information, visit www.microvast.com or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter (@microvast).

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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