Movistar’s simple advice that saves you a lot of trouble

If you’ve had internet for years, you know that it’s one of the top resources for troubleshooting connectivity issues Shut down and restart router, whatever the problem. When the internet is slow, when the WiFi doesn’t work well, when there is no connection…

There are several methods to turn off and on the router and it is convenient that we know the difference between reboot and reset and how to do it.

Use the device button

One of the most common router reset methods is Use the button on the device and which we have all used many times. We just have to touch the button on the back to turn off the router. After pressing the button, it is advisable to disconnect the cables from the device and connect the cables to the mains. Once you have done this, wait about twenty or thirty seconds to make sure the device is completely off and that the circuits are completely off.


After this time, we can plug all the cables back in and press the power button on the router. In a few seconds or a few minutes, the lights on the device will turn on again and we can test the internet connection.

Restart the Movistar app

Movistar’s Smart WiFi app allows us to do this know all the details of our router from any mobile phone. We see all the devices that we have connected and those that have access to them and we simply have to click on any of them to know more. But it also allows us to change the password or manage the credentials to check that everything is ok.

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On the Devices tab, select the one that corresponds to the router and reboot safe and automatic to see if the errors you are having in your connection have been fixed.

If we have the Smart WiFi application on the TV, we can also do it through the decoder. You can use the decoder to reset the router. Just go to the main menu, go to the “Apps” section and look for the “Smart WiFi App” under it. Access the Devices section where you will see all the available devices and select the “Reboot router” option.

Deco router

Or use Aura if you have Movistar Home. you just have to say it “Ok Aura, restart my wifi.”

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Factory settings reset

If you want to go one step further, we can factory reset the router to restore all values. This will erase all information: WiFi access key, the network name is the default name and the firmware is the original one. But it can be useful in case you have problems and want to try to solve them.

For this, look for the hole found on the back of the device and insert something sharp. This can be the tip of a pencil, a pin or something similar. Hold for about five to ten seconds and all the lights on the router are flashing on and off. After a few seconds, the settings will be reset.

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