NLSUI medal winners secure jobs at London law firms 

Medal winners share their experiences at the institution, challenges and how COVID-19 has impacted their college life

Medal winners share their experiences at the institution, challenges and how COVID-19 has impacted their college life

The NLSIU awarded gold medals to 48 graduates during enlistment in various programs. Among them, three BA LLB (Honours) program students – Saurabh Gupta, Vrishank Singhania and Pallavi Khatri – received eight, seven and six gold medals respectively, the highest this year. Speak with The Hindu After receiving their medals, the trio said they would all soon be moving to London to work in law firms. They also shared their experiences at NLSIU, the challenges, and the impact of COVID-19 on their college life.

Mr. Saurabh won the most medals including the Basant Kumar Birla medal for II rank student. Hailing from Chandigarh, he described his experience at the top law school as “life changing”. “The journey was full of ups and downs. It helped me grow as a person and figure out what I wanted to do in the future,” he said. After completing a Masters program at the University of Oxford and spending two years with a law firm in London, he plans to practice law at the High Court in Chandigarh.

Good support system

The medalists said that while the experience at NLSIU was enjoyable and academically very beneficial, it also exposed them to a lot of stress. “Being a small, competitive college, it’s quite a stressful and high-pressure environment. It is a constant challenge as there are many expectations, not only academically but also in other fields. However, with time you learn how to deal with it and with a good support system it gets better,” said Mr. Vrishank from Hyderabad, co-co-winner of the Indira Khaitan Medal for First University Rank and the Sarala Birla Medal for Overall Winner was awarded the student medal for the best outgoing.

He added that while he’s missed social interactions during the pandemic, the virtual classes have worked well academically. “Because there are many activities like moot courts, debates and committees involved in law school, the COVID-19 period gave me the time to slow down and self-examine and focus,” he said. He is currently working with a High Court Counsel in Delhi and will then work in London for two years. Upon his return to the country, he plans a future career combining litigation and science.

Ms. Pallavi from Chandigarh, along with four others, won the Kumari Devi Menon Memorial Medal for All-Around Best Graduating Girl Student and Ms. Anuradha N. Memorial Medal for Best Outgoing Student. When asked about the challenges she faced as a woman at university, she said: “It was quite similar to what women face in other walks of life. While NLSIU is a truly open, progressive, and liberal community, there are a few bad apples everywhere. You’ll be met with a bit of sexism and unsavory comments from one or two people. But other than that, professors and everyone else is very supportive. There are also many collectives at the university that work to break down prejudices at the university.”

She will soon be joining a Magic Circle law firm in London where she will work as a Commercial Counsel in the corporate department. She wants to have her own business in the future and is trying to build a safety net and get some attention beforehand.

legal aid trust

Ashwini O., a graduate of the LLM program, secured the M/s. Sitaram Jindal Foundation Gold Medal for Best Outgoing LL.M. Female student from a marginalized background. In 2013 she graduated from the LLB at the same law school and then worked in the corporate sector.

She soon realized that her real interest was litigation and began her career in litigation with Raviwarma Kumar, the former state attorney general. She practiced before the High Court of Karnataka. “I’ve really enjoyed taking up causes, filing PILs and litigation. Then I felt the need to go back to science and came back here,” she said.

Ms Ashwini also runs her own legal aid trust – Dhwani Legal Trust, which focuses on children’s rights and women’s rights. “We work with victims of domestic violence and also create legal awareness that provides legal assistance.”

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