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MIAMI , Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program identifies new planets in deep space, humans can now own their own piece of galactic beauty. Nola Labs LLC announced today that on September 28th at 10:00am ET they will be releasing the first 5,000 XOplanets contained in a generative art collection focused on space.

Nola Labs LLC, a private corporation formed in Delaware to distribute “out of this world.”

Artworks, is launching a limited edition collection called XOplanets.

Each XOplanet is a unique work of art based on an existing exoplanet and conforming to authentic NASA scientific metadata. The collection will be released in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. XOplanets can be purchased via credit card or Ether (ETH) currency for around $680 in the first 24 hours of sale.

“The NFT Collection was designed to capture the mystery of distant planets,” said a spokesman for Nola Labs. “In addition to admirable beauty, the design of each XOplanet intentionally captures more movement in the form of spinning, circling and enveloping the owner in their possibilities of XOplanet fun. Artists have estimated the brightness and color of the sky to show what humans might see when standing in front of a particular planet,” the spokesman concluded.

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An XOplanet owner receives exclusive benefits including global intellectual property licensing rights to their own XOplanet(s) and 10% royalties on a future NFT. Additionally, XOplanet owners get exclusive access to community-only information in their Cosmic Community. This includes information about upcoming members-only surprises, activities, early notifications of upcoming NFT releases, cool merchandise, fun and entertaining special events.

The sale of 5,000 XOplanets from Nola Labs’ first NFT collection begins at

10 a.m. ET on Sept. 28. XOplanets can be bought with credit card or ETH.

A donation of 6% of the proceeds from the sale of XOplanet NFTs will be split and donated to two of their favorite organizations – Starlight Children’s Foundation and SETI Institute.

Learn more about XOplanets and the creation of the Cosmic Community by connecting with the team on Discord.

About Nola Labs and the XOplanet Creators

The Nola Labs team is a combination of experts fascinated by “everything in space”. For more than 44 years, the founder sharpened his interest in afterlife worlds. The XOplanet NFT collection is the result of combining his passion for outer space, ufology, space travel and extraterrestrial sightings. Nola Labs will fill the niche of an online community of people interested in space, with the primary purpose of creating and selling interesting works of generative art. XOplanet developers are located in Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Manchester-UK, Rotterdam and the Czech Republic. XOplanet’s creative talent includes Artiffine, ARsparDesign, Digital-Equation, FireCask, TheGo2GroupDesign and GringMarketing

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NASA authentication

The design reference used for the XOplanet Collection reflects metadata sourced from the US Space Agency’s Exoplanet Catalog. The naming and artwork of each XOplanet creatively conforms to the available NASA website reference and is in the public domain.

According to the NASA website, “Some exoplanets may be dominated by water or ice, while others are dominated by iron or carbon.” NASA also reports, “We have identified lava worlds covered by molten sea, bloated planets with the density of Styrofoam, and dense cores of planets that still orbit their stars.” Nola Labs LLC used this broad and general reference to to create their own version of exoplanets known as XOplanets.

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Intellectual property (IP) rights for your planet

Currently there are no laws or international treaties allowing humans to own physical, celestial objects in space, including planets. However, you can acquire the global IP license rights to an XOplanet by purchasing an NFT from Nola Labs LLC.

For updates and discussions about space, reach out to the Nola Labs team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Discord.

Phone: 786-446-8920 or 1-800-526-3128

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