Northern Data Becomes Preferred Cloud Service Provider in NVIDIA Partner Network

  • Northern Data Cloud Services offers HPC cloud resources with NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core and RTX™ A6000 GPUs
  • Northern Data Cloud Services offers enterprises a solution for the rapidly growing HPC cloud computing hosted by Europewith full cost transparency
  • Carbon-neutral, high-efficiency NVIDIA GPU cluster in advanced data centers in Norway and Sweden
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FRANKFURT/MAIN, Germany, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Northern Data Cloud Services has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network as a preferred cloud services partner Europe. Northern Data’s sustainable data centers (XETRA: NB2, ISIN: DE000A0SMU87) offer GPU computing infrastructure based on NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core and RTX A6000 GPUs, primarily targeting artificial intelligence (AI) and professional visualization development teams. Northern Data supports these teams in solving research and development tasks that require high computing power and data-driven business models. This infrastructure creates the platform for automated and semi-automated workloads in fast-growing segments such as image, video and data analysis, natural language processing (NLP), rendering and machine learning (ML).

Aroosh Thillainathan, CEO of Northern Data states, “We are excited to be an NVIDIA Partner Network Preferred Cloud Service Provider. The market is still in the early stages of GPU cloud computing development, but we have the ability to offer large amounts of GPU computing power, tailored to the growing needs of our customers based on our own HPC data center infrastructure. We operate our carbon neutral data centers in Scandinavia with a focus on maximum energy efficiency. As a European provider, we also guarantee our customers data sovereignty and security according to European standards in order to meet their compliance requirements.”

“The combination of our powerful full-stack accelerated computing platform with Northern Data’s user-friendly and climate-neutral concept marks a milestone in the European market for cloud services,” he says Markus HackerRegional Director of Enterprise Business DACH at NVIDIA, and continues: “Together we will drive demand for these new cloud-based HPC offerings.”

A strong overall package

With a large number of NVIDIA GPUs, Northern Data will provide startups, scale-ups, established companies and system integrators with massive computing capacity for data-intensive workloads on demand. With Northern Data, customers benefit from a tech stack that guarantees high interconnectivity and zero latency between individual GPUs and within a client for maximum scalability and flexibility. Northern Data relies on the latest network technology from NVIDIA, all-flash storage solutions from PureStorage and an external, redundant 100 Gbit Internet connection. High security standards, low complexity of the network configuration and easy scaling of workloads thanks to cloud-init support complete the offer.

To simplify developer workflows and optimize performance on GPU instances, NVIDIA offers NGCa hub of GPU-optimized AI and HPC software including containers, frameworks, pre-trained models, Helm charts, and industry-specific software development kits (SDKs) for data scientists, developers, and DevOps teams to build and deploy solutions faster.

This end-to-end approach – from the choice of location to the construction and operation of the data center – and Northern Data’s focus on cloud-native applications and the formulation of transparent flavors guarantee Northern Data’s customers cost-efficient use of the coveted data HPC -Resources without surprising follow-up costs. This is made possible by Northern Data’s sustainable data centers with exceptionally high power consumption effectiveness (PUE). Sweden (PUE value: 1.04 in 2021) and Norway (PUE value: 1.15).

“The underlying technology and the framework under which it is deployed are critical to our offering. NVIDIA GPUs accelerate large, demanding workloads because they can process petabytes of data much faster than traditional CPUs. With the exceptional performance of NVIDIA GPUs, even large-scale simulations can be processed faster than ever,” he explains Christopher YoshidaPresident and CFO of Northern Data.

Cost transparency for diverse application scenarios

The current cloud offerings are aimed at a wide variety of application scenarios for GPU computing. These include, for example, fast, efficient image and video analysis for media content creators, fast rendering of complex models and 3D simulations for research and development teams, real-time analysis and evaluation of large amounts of data for business decision-makers, or even accelerating training of AI and ML -models.

Northern Data Cloud Services customers can reserve large processing capacities in advance as part of a transparent cost structure. In addition to B2B customers, the company also provides system integrators and AI consultants with a powerful, immediately available HPC offering that represents an intelligent complement to traditional solutions from classic hyperscalers.

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About Northern Data:

At Northern Data, we believe that High Performance Computing (HPC) will open up unprecedented opportunities for research and development, business and ultimately human progress. Our multinational company is rapidly becoming a major global provider of GPU and ASIC-based solutions through the development and operation of an efficient, environmentally friendly HPC infrastructure. We combine intelligent, sustainable data centers, advanced cutting-edge hardware and in-house, proprietary software for various HPC applications such as bitcoin mining, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, IoT and graphics rendering. We work in large, tailor-made data centers and our own mobile high-performance data centers, which offer maximum flexibility when choosing a location. The Northern Data Group employs around 220 people and is active in 7 countries.

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