NTT Research Names Takashi Goto Head of the Technology Promotion Team

SUNNYVALE, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE). Mr. Goto was previously a director in NTT’s R&D department and before that a senior manager and chief research engineer at NTT Information Network Laboratory Group. He joined NTT Research on July 1, 2022, succeeding Dr. Kei Karasawa, who has taken a managerial position at NTT R&D in Tokyo. Mr. Goto will join the NTT Research leadership team where he will be responsible for exploring the market potential for technologies being developed at NTT Research and for NTT’s research and development. One of the first targets for commercialization is attribute-based encryption (ABE), a form of cryptography that allows data to be shared while maintaining the privacy of the data owner.

NTT Research’s mission is to conduct fundamental research tied to long-term goals rather than specific product or service roadmaps. But along the way, the company’s researchers can develop technologies that have market potential. The purpose of the technology advancement team is to test this hypothesis by interacting with a range of stakeholders involved in the commercialization of invented technologies or by-products. Mr. Goto’s role will be to work with NTT operating companies, potential end users, potential third party partners and standards bodies. Technology promotion also includes feasibility studies, use cases, competitive analysis, proof-of-concept (POC) demonstrations and related efforts.

“We are very pleased to welcome Takashi Goto to our Sunnyvale team,” said Kazuhiro Gomi, President and CEO of NTT Research. “He is a talented engineer and manager with extensive experience in NTT R&D and a keen interest in advancing technology, making him a perfect fit for this important role.”

ABE, a leading candidate for commercialization, was featured in a 2005 article co-authored by Brent Waters, NTT Research’s Cryptography and Information Security (CIS) Lab Director. Two years ago, this paper received a Test of Time Award from the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). To date, NTT Research has spoken to NTT operating companies believing that ABE solutions could address security and privacy needs in the healthcare, medical, financial, education and government sectors. In November 2021, NTT announced an agreement with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to implement a POC platform from ABE aimed at making UTS internal systems more secure. NTT Research is planning an ABE-centric hackathon event aimed at showcasing innovative ABE-related applications. Mr Goto is currently busy planning this event.

“I have long had an interest in creating value and introducing NTT’s superior technology to Japan and the world, so I am very excited about my new role at NTT Research,” said Mr. Goto. “My short-term plans include providing technical support for a commercialization project in Australia, evaluating cutting-edge technologies through the hackathon, and improving the intellectual property management process.”

Besides ABE, other NTT Research-related technologies with potential commercial by-products include applications of multi-party computing (MPC), another research area for CIS-Lab cryptographs, and implementations of the coherent Ising machine (CIM), a quantum computing-related technology that is a focus area from the NTT Research Physics & Informatics (PHI) Lab. Mr. Goto’s support at NTT Research includes Mr. Fang Wu, a consultant and technology veteran formerly of NTT Global Networks, NTT America, Lucent and Bell Labs; and dr Yannis Rouselakis, a software architect specializing in cryptographic technologies. To advance NTT Research’s core scientific mission, the company, unique among industry labs, has developed an “open lab” vision and has established more than 20 relationships with leading research institutions in the US, Japan and around the world over the past three years world built.

About NTT Research

NTT Research opened its offices in July 2019 as a new startup company in Silicon Valley to conduct fundamental research and advance technologies that foster positive change for humanity. There are currently three labs at NTT Research’s Sunnyvale facilities: the Physics and Informatics Laboratory (PHI), the Cryptography and Information Security Laboratory (CIS), and the Medical and Health Informatics Laboratory (MEI). The organization aims to improve reality in three areas: 1) quantum information, neuroscience and photonics; 2) cryptographic and information security; and 3) medical and health informatics. NTT Research is part of NTT, a global provider of technology and business solutions with an annual R&D budget of US$3.6 billion.

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