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If the electricity goes out in your house or apartment, you may be very lucky to have a pet to be your entertainment instead of Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube — not to mention your source of comfort.

However, pets can be quite curious and it can be fun to take notes of them, whatever they may be.

In my experience, cats have a knack for creating everyday items and locations in their napping spots. My dad’s cat, Colby, is no exception as he finds himself in some pretty interesting places.

Colby came to my parents in May 2021. At this time, I was a recent graduate of Bemidji State University and was in a state of uncertainty before starting my first job out of college.

I had some time to spend with Colby before returning to Bemidji in July and recorded several creative ways to wriggle, hide, and relax in his new home.

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His first day proved a bit overwhelming as he was reluctant to leave my parents’ corner porch for a good few days.

Our efforts to coax him into food proved little successful though he soon went to the bathroom and took refuge behind the toilet. Colby wasn’t too concerned about people’s privacy at this point.

Slowly but surely, he became comfortable with the idea of ​​stepping away from the random corners of the house and letting his new family members nurture him with pets and attention. It took her a little longer to become friendly with our outdoor cats, making some aggressive hisses and menacing meows that would be a feature of a horror movie featuring cats.

But as time went on, he made himself at home and probably became very comfortable with his snoozing spots.

I spent a week at home when my parents took an anniversary trip to South Dakota in May, where I found Colby curled up in the bathroom sink. I wouldn’t consider Colby a kitten by any means, but he managed to make it work.

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During the same week he lay on my parents couch with one front leg making it look like he was hugging the couch.

He also found refuge in a laundry basket before.

Colby the Cat 2.jpg

Colby finds refuge in a laundry basket as one of his resting places.


Fast forward to the winter of 2023, and he now has his own bed where he seems to spend most of his time. Wearing his favorite jingle collar since we got it, he’s since added the bow tie collar to his wardrobe and rocked a “Naughty or Nice” scarf during the holiday season.

This costume complements Colby’s personality and creativity – not to mention his charismatic nature – all things that make him his own person in the human world.

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If you are fortunate enough to own a household pet that makes you guess with every step they take, and with every ring of their collar, don’t take that for granted.

I find pets to be a source of innocence and happiness whenever your personal or work life is lacking in these two things.

BSU and Northwest Technical College understand the importance of de-stressing with pets, specifically at their biannual De-Stress with Pets events where students and faculty can mingle with furry friends before finals week.

Having covered a couple of these events since I started on Pioneer in August 2021, this has given me the chance to spend time with cute dogs and friendly cats—and even ass-chloe last December—when I can’t visit my parents or Colby.

Pet companionship and entertainment value is nil, and can keep you more sane than you would otherwise be.

Such is the case with Colby the cat.

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