PlayStation 5 Getting Discord Voice Integration, Other Features

PlayStation 5 and controller.

Image: Sony

Only Sony declared Tons of new features currently in development. Features such as support for 1440p discharge have been ridiculed FOR a little time while others, such as access to Discord voice chat, feel like they should have been announced years earlier in the console’s life cycle.

You won’t be the first to access these features unless you’re selected for the beta, but they look promising. You can finally make a call directly from your PlayStation 5 and show the game you’re playing to whoever you’re talking to (like the mobile and desktop versions).

PS5 will also get other social features. You can finally request a screen share directly from your friend’s profile, join games via the “Party” conversation, and even see what games your friend has on their account. . If you’re picky about who can join your games (like me), don’t worry: Sony is giving PS5 owners the ability to dictate who can and can’t access your games.

These additions could be a huge boon to the multiplayer ecosystem that Sony has been trying to build ever since got Bungie for 3.6 billion dollars. And according to financial appeal since last year, multiplayer has been the main reason why PlayStation Plus users pay to use Sony’s game subscription service every month.

Even if you’re not big on multiplayer, Sony is developing features that will be applicable to all PlayStation owners. What I’m most excited about is the ability to use voice commands to take pictures. You don’t want to sweat the details either; you can preset the average clip length.

If you’ve updated your current console recently, you may remember that transferring save games is a huge pain. Right now, the only way to get your PlayStation 4 off your new console is to dig into your cloud storage. PlayStation Plus subscribers can transfer data automatically. Even if you don’t pay for Sony’s game subscription service, you’ll be able to transfer data between each PS5. Now you know that it is possible to do this with ordinary people guarantee more than one console.

If you’re lucky enough to receive a beta sign-up email, you can preview these features before anyone else. So check your inbox carefully.


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