Property Awards: OpenReach, sponsors of the innovative use of smart home technology category, excited to celebrate the best of modern living

Openreach NI is proud to sponsor the Innovative Use of Smarthome Technology category, which celebrates the best buildings empowering modern living across Northern Ireland.

smarthome allows homeowners to control home appliances, thermostats, lights and other devices over the internet. The focus is on ensuring that properties have a future-proof broadband connection such as Ultrafast Full Fiber Broadband.

Openreach, Northern Ireland’s largest digital infrastructure provider, is at the forefront of deploying Ultrafast Full Fiber technology, with over 80% of properties across Northern Ireland now able to upgrade and connect.

Full fiber broadband is up to 12 times faster than the average home broadband connection. For example, you can download a two-hour HD movie in less time than it takes to brew a cup of tea.

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And video gamers could download a 5-gigabyte virtual reality (VR) game in 1.7 minutes instead of waiting half an hour on a traditional copper-based broadband line.

The service is delivered over fiber optic cables running directly to the property or business, which also means Ultrafast Full Fiber Broadband is five times more reliable than traditional copper-based broadband connections.

Larger capacity means more devices can be connected – so more people can be online at the same time without slowdowns, buffering or dropouts. And demand continues to grow as more NI properties order full-fiber service.

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Garret Kavanagh, Director of Openreach NI said: “What we do at Openreach has an important impact on the lives of everyone in Northern Ireland. Reliable broadband is now viewed like water and electricity.

“We have evolved from the internet as a source of information to our main channel for communication, work and education. We’re seeing more and more of using online solutions becoming an important part of our lives – people rely on a good broadband connection to run their homes, from lighting and alarms to streaming movies and sports whilst they work online.

“All-fiber technology will also open up endless possibilities that we can’t even imagine. For example, upgrading existing properties to Ultrafast Full Fiber will benefit landlords across Northern Ireland as their properties become more attractive for letting. And we have a convenient process that developers can use for all new builds. Developers can register their website with Openreach, allowing planners to arrange for our future-proof broadband infrastructure to be set up during construction. After the apartment owners or tenants have moved in, the connection can be activated quickly and smoothly.”

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Openreach NI is one of the largest infrastructure investors in Northern Ireland and continues to lead the way with its transformative broadband technology that will benefit everyone.

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