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Rebecca photography at home
Wildlife photographer Rebecca Griffiths recently celebrated becoming Australian at Bundaberg Regional Council’s citizenship ceremony.

Camera in hand and aiming to capture photos of incredible marine life, Rebecca Griffiths has spent the last five years visiting many beautiful places and now she officially calls Australia and Bundaberg home.

The wildlife photographer celebrated becoming an Australian at the Bundaberg Regional Council’s citizenship ceremony in the multiplex on Friday.

She said she is proud to be a resident of the Bundaberg area, having moved to the country from Weymouth in Dorset.

No stranger to travel, Rebecca spends her time visiting every corner of the world as part of her career before relocating to Bundaberg five months ago.

Her travels have taken her from Mexico to Peru, West Africa, the Galapagos Islands and the Faroe Islands, although she said Bundaberg’s “hidden gem” surprised her.

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“I think Bundaberg is a hidden gem as goreng goreng country has so much incredible nature and wildlife,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca Griffith's photo
One of the many animal photos Rebecca took. Photo credit: Rebecca Griffiths Photography.

“To have the privilege of living in such a beautiful country with so much cultural history and such a diverse landscape is incredible.”

Rebecca has lived in Australia for eight years and says her recent establishment in Bundaberg has opened up even more opportunities for her photography.

“It’s incredible to be on the Southern Great Barrier Reef in less than an hour from home or to see turtles hatching down the road at Mon Repos,” she said.

“I really feel like I’m living in the midst of nature here, and there’s something very special about being immersed in it.”

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Rebecca Griffith's photo
One of Rebecca’s animal photos. Photo credit: Rebecca Griffiths Photography.

Rebecca said she discovered her love of photography five years ago and the Bundaberg region has so much to offer that she can continue to capture it.

“Bundaberg has so many amazing things to photograph,” she said.

“I’m obsessed with the ocean so I’m in the water every chance I get and love going to Lady Musgrave or Lady Elliot Islands where there is always an abundance of wildlife to photograph.

“I love photographing the marine animals like whales, turtles, sharks and rays because they are so important in our ecosystem and I have the opportunity to use my camera to show people the amazing wildlife that we share this planet with. “

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Rebecca said the path to citizenship was special for her as the opportunity to live in Australia gives her many opportunities that she otherwise would not have had.

“The naturalization ceremony was the final step in a long and emotional journey to build a life for me in Australia,” she said.

“It was such a meaningful achievement and to be considered a citizen is very special.

“There are so many opportunities here and I could never have done the things I do today if I had lived in England.”

Find out more about Rebecca’s work here.

Rebecca photography at home
Wildlife photographer Rebecca Griffiths at Friday’s naturalization ceremony.

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