Redmi mobile with great battery for less than €100

The model we are talking about is the Redmi 9A, a device that uses an operating system Android and that is not lacking in Google services that ensure that you can easily access your Gmail and also the official Play Store. Thus, whatever you install will have great security. By the way, when it comes to storage, the team has 32GBthis may not seem like much, but you have the opportunity to use it memory cards in case the information is not sufficient. That means you won’t have any problems.

On the other hand, among the best features that you will find in this device that we are talking about, which belongs to a Redmi sub-brand, is the battery. The integrated has a charge that reaches the 5,000mAh. Without a doubt, this ensures that you can get a day and a half of use without having to limit the time you use the screen. As such, it has little or nothing to envy to other entry-level models in this area. In other words, you don’t have to worry about watching videos or playing games with this terminal

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Large screen on this Redmi model

Of course, one cannot expect the highest quality in this area, since the price of the smartphone does not allow it. But the manufacturer managed to integrate a component with resolution HD, for what makes it possible, for example, to watch series on online platforms, it’s not exactly dramatic. It must be said that the screen has dimensions not less than 6.53 inches, which means there’s more than enough room to keep your eyes strained. Oh! And the frontal use thanks to its notch exceeds 80%, not bad.

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If you are wondering about the connectivity of the Redmi 9A, it is complete and you can access the Internet anywhere, for example, to connect all kinds of accessories without having to use cables. This is because it is not missing Wireless Internet access Y Bluetooth, respectively. There are a few other options worth knowing. An example is that this is a model that has FM radio because it has a headphone jack. In addition, it has GPS, so you will not have any limitations when running applications such as Google Maps.

A real piece of hardware for what it costs

The most important thing to know here is that your processor is a component of MediaTek which contains eight cores operating at a frequency of 2 GHz. The special component is Helium G25, which includes a PowerVR GE8320 GPU. Can you play Clash Royale? Well yes you can do it, as well as all kinds of puzzles or the widely used Sudoku puzzles. So nothing groundbreaking, but this equipment offered fulfills it.

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Redmi 9A cell phone camera

Finally, we do not want to stop commenting that the Redmi 9A that we are talking about does not lack a rear camera that allows recordings in Full HD resolution, since it has a main sensor 13MP and what also has to do with the dimensions, these are 164.9 x 77.1 x 9 millimeters, so it is quite comfortable in the hand.

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