Reducing debris key to sustainability in space: AP Governor

ISRO initiated the “NETRA Project” to monitor space debris.

ISRO initiated the “NETRA Project” to monitor space debris.

Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan said space debris should be cleaned up so it does not pose a threat to future missions. “Managing space debris is key to sustainability in space. India is one of the leading players in space exploration worldwide. So the next question to come up is where the country stands on space sustainability,” the governor said while officially opening World Space Week 2022, organized by ISRO’s Satish Dhawan Space Center SHAR in collaboration with the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Sriharikota organized Higher Learning here on Wednesday.

“With the recent inauguration of the headquarters of India’s National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (In-SPACe), one can expect an increasing role of the private sector in India’s space activities,” he stressed. “The main theme of sustainability is success in all areas of space technology — space transportation, exploration, human spaceflight, space debris mitigation, and so on,” the governor noted.

“It gives me great pleasure to mention that ISRO initiated ‘Project NETRA’ to monitor space debris. The home surveillance system would provide first-hand information on debris status, which would aid further planning to protect space resources,” the students and invitees said.

“To provide in-orbit service, ISRO is also developing a docking experiment called ‘SPADEX’ – something like docking a satellite to an existing satellite, providing refueling support and other in-orbit services while retaining the capabilities of a satellite.” , explained the governor.

Explaining the scale of the problem, he said about 10,000 satellites were sent into space worldwide, but only 2,000 were active.

Mr. Biswabhushan traced ISRO’s journey from Thumba and recalled the doyens of space exploration. Mr Biswabhushan said ISRO’s launch capacity has grown by leaps and bounds and some of the shining examples are the GSLV MARK-III, Chandrayan and Gaganyan missions. He congratulated A. Rajarajan, Director of SDSC SHAR, for leading a team of the world’s top scientists in space exploration and reminded them that our human progress today is closely linked to the progress of space science.

Program participants included RJ Ratnakar, Managing Trustee of Sri Sathya Sai Trust, K. Chakravarthi, Chancellor of SSSIHL, District Collector P. Basant Kumar.

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