Reese Witherspoon’s Three-Generation Photo Has Fans Freaking Out

That mothers and daughters look alike is nothing new, however Reese Witherspoon and her family take it to a whole new level! The actress recently shared a picture of herself, her mother and her daughter, and fans couldn’t believe how alike the trio look.

Fans marvel at Witherspoon Ladies: ‘Three identical girls’

“Sunday brunch crew,” Witherspoon captioned a shot of the group sitting side by side. Her mother Betty and daughter Ava look exactly like the actress and fans were quick to point out the resemblance.

“Three identical girls,” marveled one fan. Another wrote, “3 beautiful generations.” Another commented, “You all are literally precious.” Others pointed out the obvious when it came to why the group are so alike sees: “[These] genetics omg.”

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Ava and Witherspoon are called “mother-daughter twins”.

The Witherspoon family look-alike is nothing new to fans of the actress; Every time she posts photos with Ava, 23, the internet goes berserk at how similar the mother and daughter are.

Witherspoon recently posted a photo of the couple standing arm in arm to celebrate Ava’s birthday and fans couldn’t believe how alike they looked. “mother-daughter twins”, strange eye Star Jonathan Van Ness wrote. “I will never double check this duo,” commented another fan.

TIED TOGETHER: It’s remarkable how much Reese Witherspoon’s eyes resemble her mother’s

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Another recent post from the actress, this time featuring her mother, left her followers gasping at the resemblance between the mother and daughter. A series of pictures of Witherspoon and Betty on vacation revealed that the couple share the same distinctive eyes.

“The genetics in this family are STRONG,” commented one person. Another wrote: “Your mom looks amazing just like you.” Witherspoon is aware of the similarities between the trio and she doesn’t mind.

Witherspoon: “I love being mixed up [Ava]’

“I love being mixed up [Ava] because it makes me feel so young,” Witherspoon laughed. “I’m so proud of her. She really rolls with it. I’m sure it’s not easy looking like your mother.”

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However, when things get tough for the 23-year-old, Ava has the perfect person to speak to. “Any time Ava is frustrated, I say, ‘Call Zoe [Kravitz]text Zoe, she knows what she needs to talk about. “I mean, this is another mother-daughter combo that’s like identical twins,” Witherspoon shared.

Mothers and daughters usually look a bit alike, but based on internet reactions to pictures of Witherspoon with her mother and daughter, it seems like the genetics in this trio are crazy strong!

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