Richard Madeley, the baby whisperer

The celebrity stork has given birth to a baby girl to Chloe Madeley – daughter of TV titans Richard and Judy – and her husband, I’m A Celebrity contestant and former rugby player James Haskell.

The new parents live with Richard and Judy while their home is renovated and all three generations live in a bubble of baby bliss.

You loaded OK! Magazine to meet Baby Bodhi and – oh surprise – Richard isn’t just a hands-on grandfather, he’s a full-fledged “baby whisperer”. Not the same as a baby monitor, but just as practical, one might think.

If ok! Arriving at the multi-generational shelter, Chloe is “fresh out of the shower” while “her shirtless husband, rugby star-turned-DJ James Haskell, holds their daughter tight in his burly arms and feeds her expressed milk from a tiny bottle”.

Sleb Safari’s rule of thumb throughout his more than two-decade reporting career was: if you show up at someone’s door to interview them and they’re partially clothed, don’t cross the threshold. But Sleb Safari works for a completely different publication.

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Back to the Madeley/Finnegan/Haskell home visit, where Chloe says her parents are “besotted” with their week-old granddaughter.

“Dad picked up Bodhi and took her upstairs to my mum in the morning for an hour of cuddling, just the two of them, which I think is the cutest thing in the world. They really do love it and I’m so thankful that we’re staying with my parents during this time, it’s just been so lovely.”

James adds: “Remember the night Richard walked in and Bodhi wouldn’t calm down? As soon as he started talking to her, she just calmed down like an absolute dream. He’s like the baby whisperer!”

Richard loved the description and “put down his copy of The Times” says OK! “Because we lived together, this is the first grandchild we were really close with before birth.”

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“Most nights for the last few weeks leading up to Chloe’s due date, I’d kneel down in front of her stomach and say, ‘Come on bo-bo, we’re all ready for you – why are you hanging around? ?’”

Bo-Bo didn’t show up until a week after her due date. You might also “hang around” if a very loud voice was on your doorstep demanding answers. The whispering part of Baby Whisperer must have started after birth…

Oh, to be a fly on the wall listening to Richard’s whispered wisdom, observations and anecdotes. “There was this one time I posed as Ali G…”

Buckle up Baby Bodhi!

Indiana Jones: The End

Harrison Ford has confirmed that the fifth Indiana Jones film will be his last.

“That’s it, I’m not falling down for you again,” said the 80-year-old actor. Seems fair.

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He addressed an audience invited to view a trailer for the film and at the same event met with actor Ke Huy Quan, who played Short Round in Temple of Doom, the second film in the franchise, released in 1984 , fact fans.

Ke Huy Quan posted photos of the reunion on Instagram with the caption, “Love you Indy. Indiana Jones and Short Round have reunited after 38 years.”

Now if you’ll excuse Sleb Safari, it’s gone to rewatch the first three movies.

Christine Baranski is in particularly good shape

‘The Good Fight’ and ‘Mamma Mia!’ star Christine Baranski has a delightful anecdote about becoming a part of a Tom Stoppard play.

The play Hapgood is about quantum physics and she told the New York Times: “I wrote him a note: ‘Dear Tom, I heard you wrote a play about quantum physics. Is there a particle for me?’”

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