Shock as crocodile turns on handler at South African wildlife park

Nile crocodile turns on handlers in KwaZulu-Natal. Video / Crocodile Creek

Visitors to a South African wildlife attraction were shocked after a half-ton crocodile mauled its keeper.

The incident happened at Crocodile Creek Farm and Wildlife Center in KwaZulu Natal.

The attack of a 660kg Nile crocodile named Hannibal was filmed biting handler Sean le Clus in front of a stunned crowd.

Crocodile Creek’s video was first published on news site The South African and has since gone viral.

Just before the attack, le Clus is heard saying:

“It’s the only crocodile in South Africa that I can sit on.”

The animal calmly descends from the crocodile, turns around, bites the handler in the left thigh and throws him to the ground.

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As it lifts off the ground, the injured handler can be heard over the crying child, who urges the crowd to stop recording.

According to the attraction, the incident happened during a public show on September 10, but the injuries are not serious.

In a statement to local media, the park said le Clus suffered two stab wounds and bruises to his left leg but went back to work that day.

“Sean sewed up the holes himself and got back to work 20 minutes later,” the park told The South African.

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Handlers said there is a risk of injury in any job, but this was a minor incident.

“Hannibal just reminded him that he was there. If Hannibal had really bitten, it would have been very bad.”

At 78 years old, the 4.8 meter long reptile is relatively old, but still has a lot of weight in its mouth.

This is not the first such incident at the park.

Owner Peter Watson was caught on camera by a documentary television crew being bitten on the foot by a crocodile at one of the hatcheries.

“It shook me like a pinball,” he told news site IOS.

“If you get bitten here, you don’t get sympathy,” he said.

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Sean le Clus has recently sustained multiple injuries from close encounters with dangerous animals, many of which he has shared on social media. When asked why le Clus was missing two fingers on his right hand, the handler claimed it was from a home improvement accident on a table saw.

@dalaucrew Sean tells us how he lost 2 fingers at Crocodile Creek in Tongaat #dalaucrew #crocodilecreek #boa ♬ original sound – dalaucrew

Crocodile Creek is home to over 9000 Nile crocodiles. As the largest crocodile farm in South Africa, the attraction also sells and exports crocodile leather.

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