SPACE OF VARIATIONS Release New Single “1M Followers” Feat. DENIS STOFF

SPACE OF VARIATIONS release new single “1M Followers” ​​Feat.  DENIS FABRIC

After Ukrainian metalcore unit Space Of Variations had to postpone the release of their new album due to the ongoing war in their home country, the day has finally come for Imago to face the world, which is released today via Napalm Records.

Buckle up and prepare for full speed as you immerse yourself in the exhilarating, energetic soundscapes of the outfit’s second offering.

Space Of Variations adds: “After a global pandemic, an unjust war, two album release delays and much hoping, worrying, praying and thinking that this album might never come out – Imago is finally here! This is for us people in Ukraine, for our friends, family and fans. This one’s for us! I hope you can enjoy the music as much as we do…”

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Bursting into the underground metalcore scene, Space Of Variations has left a lasting impression that leaves fans instantly hungry for more. Her unique, powerful songwriting skills surpass all expectations, fearlessly fusing different genres and captivating with her futuristic style. The unpredictable and emotional atmosphere of the album reflects the attitude of Space Of Variations: always on the move at top speed, uncompromisingly crashing the scene.

Their latest single “1M followers (feat. Denis Stoff)” comes with a vicious visualizer and delivers the final punch of the album release. In the tradition of acts like Bring Me The Horizon and Architects, the song delivers mesmerizing, pounding riffs and pounding drums. In preparation for their upcoming EU/UK tour supporting Within Destruction, followed by an extensive North American tour with Jinjer and POD, Space Of Variations will unveil their full spectrum of pure Metal energy that cannot be missed should let.

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“We’re so excited to finally be touring the US with such great bands as POD, Vended and Malevolence, but also so grateful to see our friends in Jinjer again every night this fall. Jinjer has joined Space Of Variations so many times and not only do they continue to be one of the most respected bands on the music scene, but they also show that they haven’t forgotten their origins! We can’t wait for this tour!”

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The band previously announced the launch of their Patreon, giving fans the opportunity to support Space Of Variations directly. View Space Of Variations’ statement here and support them through their Patreon.

Order the Imago album here.

Song directory:

“Someone else”
“Non-Human Club 2.0”
“DNA molecule in a million dimensions”
“Slaughterhouse (ぬ死)”
“1M Followers” (feat. Denis Stoff)
“Ocean of Madness”
“Face to face”
“serial killer”
“Ultrabeat” (feat. alyona alyona)

“Imago” video:

vein.mp3 video:

Someone Else video:

variation space is:

Dmytro Kozhukhar – vocals
Olexii Zatserkovnyi – guitar, vocals
Anton Kasatkin – bass
Tymofii Kasatkin – drums

(Photo – Arina Kasatkina)

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