The Ark on SYFY: Dean Devlin series unveils first look

Intergalactic travel is anything but lighthearted in our first look at Dean Devlin’s upcoming SYFY series. The Ark. Scheduled to air next year, the show is set 100 years in the future aboard the Ark One – a star cruiser carrying humanity’s last hope for survival. However, when the ship suffers heavy casualties, the remaining passengers must join forces and complete the mission of finding a new planetary home, the destination of which is more than a year away.

The sneak peek images tease a spooky, atmospheric, and almost spooky vibe that would probably feel right at home in a Ridley Scott production. In fact, you could even imagine it extraterrestrial meets Lord of the flies. When all coherent order in the vast expanses of space crumbles, who will be the one to take charge and put the literal ship back in order? You have corpses in the hallways, people screaming and general displays of fear and paranoia which, as we last checked, are not very positive omens.

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Take a look for yourself below:

Christie Burke (minor officer Lt. Sharon Garnet), Richard Fleeshman (supervisor of the ship’s navigation system, Lt. James Brice), Reece Ritchie (Lt. Spencer Lane, who believes only the strong should survive), Stacey Read (Alicia Nevins , a brilliant young woman and member of the Waste Management team), Ryan Adams (Angus Medford, a green-fingered young man), Christina Wolfe (manipulative psychologist Cat Brandice), Shalini Peiris (Dr. Sanjivni Kabir, the chief medical officer of Ark One), Miles Barrow (Ensign with an Identity Crisis, Baylor Trent), Pavle Jerinić (the hardened Chief of Security, Lt. Felix Strickland), Tiana Upcheva (Eva Markovic, head of Ark One’s maintenance, engineering, and life support systems), and Lisa Brenner (military veteran , Commander Susan Ingram) as a co-star.

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Devlin (who is known for writing and producing stargate and independence Day alongside filmmaker Roland Emmerich) serves as co-showrunner and executive producer with Jonathan Glassner (Stargate SG-1). Electric Entertainment’s Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson are also on board as executive producers. Balkanic Media’s Jonathan English and Steve Lee are producing.

The Ark is a perfect fit for SYFY audiences and we know fans will be drawn to this heartbreaking story from Dean Devlin, one of today’s most accomplished and respected science fiction writers,” said Lisa Katz, President, Scripted Content, NBCU Entertainment and Streaming a statement when the series was greenlit for 12 episodes earlier this year. “With the recent success of both Resident Foreigner and chuckythe network is home to several of the most creative storytellers working in all of television.”

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“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with SYFY again and can’t think of a better partner to bring this series to life than Jonathan Glassner,” added Devlin.

The Ark Premieres on SYFY in 2023. An official premiere date is yet to be announced. Production in Serbia started at the end of March.

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