The effect of this kind of torches is a simple physics splice

Through Genshin Impact, transparent torches hide chests in the vastness of Sumeru. In contrast, interacting with others differs from what they do with ordinary torches: if earlier it was necessary to apply the Pyro element to structures, the torch must be returned to Teyvat with a Trilakshana, whose seeds are called Triayana will.

In this guide we will show in detail how to activate transparent flares in Genshin Impact and what to get in the squad to get the seeds together.

In Genshin how to light transparent torches in Sumeru.

Who do you want to join the squad?

To unleash spooky torches, you need to perform a series of actions with the help of specific heroes. You need:

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An Electro Hero; more precisely an archer or a catalyst: Lisa, Fischl, Yae Miko, Kudze Sarah. We need to know what Triyana seeds mean to you. The Pyro character activates in Sumeru: Amber, Eimiya, Yan Fei, Bennet. Dendro is a hero who brings to life the burnt seeds of the Triana: Collei, Tignari, Dendro Traveler.

We have to solve puzzles by playing this game.

How to find a transparent flashlight?

Transparent flares are called blue glow. They are not in the physical world and cannot interact with them. The blue silhouette shows where the structure will be when it is developed. The distance between the character and the device increases the difficulty of seeing it.

An interactive map of Sumeru reveals the locations of all of the region’s mysteries, including the Triyana seeds and invisible torches.

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How to find the Triyana seed?

The “Triyana Seeds” grow with invisible torches and other devices. Looks like a wormy ball with leaves on top. They are useful for finding hidden objects.

How do I activate and light the torch?

To restore the Torches to Sumeru’s Truth, you must take the power of the Triyana Seed upon them.

The plants are of three different types.

burned. You do not go. Normal. Is moving. lively. Moves and gives light at the same time.

Once you approach a Triyana seed in a normal state, you must cast the Electro based on your spirit. It cleaned up and left Teyvat a blue flare. Next, apply the pyro element to the structure.

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Make sure the seed reaches the transparent object before triggering the truth pulse.

There is no way that the seeds of the Triyana will be burned away. With the Dendro revive the creatures. Don’t forget that Pyro will restore them to the burned state. In the rarest of cases, the seeds cannot tolerate the effects of the nearby Wither Zone. Interrupt the destructive effect and then revive the creation.

We hope that the instructions on how to activate invisible torches in Genshin Impact have been informative and understandable. The Genshin Impact Guide is constantly updated with new articles.

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