The European Space Agency bets on this curious technique

Industrial origami can have great potential in the aerospace industry. The European Space Agency is already funding a project.

We’re used to seeing NASA, the European Space Agency and other organizations doing incredible projects to enjoy new innovations, right? The latest project that has attracted public attention is shown to us by the space agency represented in Europe itself. Under the latest projects you want to support, there’s one that’s particularly interesting. Could origami have an application in future aerospace engineering? This strange technique could be seen in this sector.

A company of Swedish origin has just received the support of the European Space Agency. It’s an interesting bet that stands out above all for the use of the technique originally related to paper. In this way we are dealing with a material that must meet the right conditions to be flexible and resistant at the same time. Apparently, still foldedA startup focused on this particular practice might have made it.

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Well, what helped this company to get the help of the European Space Agency? One of the most outstanding innovations is the possibility of building a motorcycle a much smaller number of components than any conventional model. So let’s see what are the keys to this technology and, of course, to what extent the application of origami in the aerospace industry can be a successful option.

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Origami as a technique for future space missions

Can origami play a prominent role in aerospace engineering in the medium term? According to the Stilfold company, yes. Among his endorsements it is worth noting the production of a motorcycle with 70% fewer components, a reduction of 40% in the total weight of the product, the disposition of up to 20% lower costs and 25% in labor costs. Overall, we are faced with a very efficient production model that, logically, would mean significant savings on space missions.

Space origami: The European Space Agency relies on this curious technique

Industrial origami could be the key to future space missions. Image: The Next Web

Among the technologies this company could develop is the potential use of industrial origami in the construction of spacecraft and of course food storage in space. This is a research program that will take place over the next 12 months. During all this time, various works related to the possible applications of origami in the field of aerospace engineering will be carried out.

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Possibility is undoubtedly one of the skills of industrial origami fit a lot more stuff into a space mission. Thanks to this technology, space is no longer a problem. If we add to this the use of materials whose main advantage is lightness, we find a research direction of great importance. It is expected that in this first phase there will be an exclusively monetary agreement. If important advances are found in terms of innovation, support will come through other channels.

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